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If you have been cited with a reckless driving charge in VA, you should know the nature of charge you are being imposed. The speeding laws in Virginia are peculiar to the State.

In most states in America, speeding is not a serious offense and is minor traffic infraction. 

The most a motorist who drives through Virginia would assume that Virginia law treats speeding lightly like most other states. If you are one of them, you are wrong in your understanding. You will be shocked to know that Virginia laws treat speeding as a serious offense and speeding above certain prescribed limits is considered reckless driving.

The Virginia Courts impose severe penalties for speeding above the speed limits imposed. Any reckless driving conviction on your record will have a permanent impact on your future.

If you are charged with speeding, you should understand the outcomes of a conviction and that the advice of a skilled attorney is most urgent. An experienced attorney would perform the required analysis about your case and determine what action items should be worked on to help you with your case. You should also know what acts are considered reckless driving in Virginia.

Virginia code section 46.852 deals with reckless and driving and clearly states that any person who indulges in the act of driving a vehicle on a highway in an irresponsible manner resulting in jeopardizing the safety of other people regardless of the speed limit set by law is to be charged with reckless driving.

Another important code dealing with reckless driving is the Virginia code section 46.2-862. This provision clearly states that driving 20+ mph past the speed limit is considered reckless driving. If an individual exceeds 80 mph then that too is considered reckless driving.

For reckless driving charges, law enforcement considers the speed at which the motorists drove the vehicle and whether the manner of driving was such that would lead to jeopardizing the safety of other drivers on the road.

Virginia law imposes serious penalties for reckless driving charge and such penalties do not come with a small amount of fine or demerit points on your license. Anyone who is convicted of reckless driving in Virginia is imposed with 6 demerit points on the license. You will be shocked to know that the conviction stay on your record for the next 11 years

In addition to this, you may face the potential penalties: a $2,500 fine, a 6-month suspension of your license along with spending 1 year in prison.

Most people charged with reckless driving in Virginia are ignorant of the long term consequences they will face due to this charge. If you are convicted of reckless driving, the insurance companies are sure to increase your insurance payments. On average, such increase may be more than 20%.

The most devastating consequences of a reckless driving conviction is the possible loss of your employment or security clearance and a delay in adjustment of your immigration status. While speeding tickets do not remain on your record forever, reckless driving remains on your criminal record forever as it is punishable as a class 1 misdemeanor.

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