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Acquiring a reckless driving charge is a very problematic issue for both out of state drivers as it is for locals. Both have to go through Virginia’s harsh traffic laws. Likewise to locals, out-of-state drivers need to appear in court for reckless driving charges. This depends on a condition, the driver’s Virginia reckless driving ticket has a box that says he/she does not have to come to court if that box is checked. But on average, in the reckless driving tickets, the box is not checked. If a vehicle operator is charged with reckless driving, the vehicle operator will be given a court date at which he/she needs to appear. If they don’t appear, the judge has a couple of options to choose from. They can try them in their absence or they can issue an arrest warrant to try to make the person appear for court. It is best if the vehicle operator shows up to court in the date required rather than risk a potential warrant, however, in many cases appearance can be waived if counsel is retained.

A VA traffic attorney at law may be able to handle the case without the driver’s presence in Virginia. This could save the vehicle operator considerable time and expense in traveling back to the county where he/she received the ticket. However, in some situations, the judge may not be willing to waive the driver’s appearance and let an attorney handle the case without the vehicle operator.

It must be noted that each state is unique. Some states will not acknowledge the traffic convictions of other states. Some states will not acknowledge the points related to those traffic convictions. Yet most states are part of a mutual reporting compact which demands that charges as severe as reckless driving are reported, this way out of state drivers will be met with some impact at home. Sometimes, reckless driving and the way it’s treated is more serious in Virginia than it will be treated in other states.

If the vehicle operator has been charged with reckless driving in Virginia as an out-of-state vehicle operator it is in his/her best interest to contact a Virginia reckless driving lawyer as soon as possible since the out of state driver is not familiar with the traffic laws of VA. An experienced attorney at law will be able to tell the vehicle operator the penalties he/she is facing in their home or local state and how this charge impacts their life. Additionally, an attorney at law will be able to help the vehicle operator mount a strong defense to attempt and get his/her charges reduced or removed if possible.

For out-of-state drivers, a charge in Virginia may also affect a driver’s license back home. In some cases, it could mean that the driver’s out-of-state license is suspended or revoked.

Because the violation is a criminal offense and not just a traffic ticket, the driver will have to appear to face his/her charges. For out-of-state offenders, the driver may be able to waive the appearance, but that may not be his/her best option. The driver’s attorney will be able to recommend specifically whether he/she should appear in person or if he/she can waive their appearance.

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