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Sex crimes are offenses that involve sexual assault or have a sexual motive. Sex crimes include, but are not limited to, the following:

Sex crimes such as the ones mentioned above will make the offender be registered as a sex offender. The definition of a sex offender is someone who is involved in a sexual criminal act such as the ones mentioned above.
Felony sex crimes need a highly experienced Virginia sex crimes lawyer to minimize the punishment. A Virginia criminal lawyer’s first move of defense in favor of the offender is to prove that the offender is not a source of danger to the rest of the world. A highly experienced VA criminal lawyer will try to know what information the police have on the offender’s case to know the best way to deal with the case.

After knowing what the police have, he/she will devise a plan to minimize the punishment for the crime or maybe prove that the offender is innocent. An experienced VA criminal lawyer will ask the offender if they think the fourth amendment of the constitution was broken by law enforcement. The amendment states that the police cannot investigate someone’s private information or property without a warrant.

It is advisable for an offender to hire a highly experienced VA criminal lawyer early. This will stop the offender from making choices as the case progresses as a VA criminal lawyer will know what information should be said to the police and what information should be kept in secret. Following the advice of a VA criminal lawyer will increase the rate at which he/she can reduce the punishment or prove that the offender herself/himself is innocent.

The punishment for sex crimes in the state of Virginia can vary as not all offenses of this nature are recognized as in the same felony class. The felony classes that these offenses range from the start from the class four felonies for the serious ones to the class six felonies for the least serious felony sex crimes. Some of these offenses could be punished as if they are misdemeanor crimes. An example of the latter case could be an attempt to commit sexual battery. In this case, the punishment will be a fine that may reach but not pass $2500 and/or a period of one year in jail. For the class four felony sex crimes, the punishment is imprisonment for a period that ranges from one to ten years and a fine that may go up to but not exceed $100,000. In some cases, courts disregard the fine punishment and only order the imprisonment punishment.

VA criminal lawyers will do their best to try to make sex crimes recognized as class four felonies to be punished as if they are class six felony sex crimes. This is done by devising a plan that will make sure that the offender will not give any extra information to the police that might have a negative effect on the result of the court.

If you need an experienced Virginia criminal lawyer to help you with your Sex Crimes Defense case in Virginia, call us at 888-437-7747. Our Virginia Sex Crimes lawyer can help you. We have offices in Fairfax & Richmond.

Why You Need A Virginia Sex Crimes Lawyer

Your VA criminal lawyer needs to be in a position to assist you through key considerations, the anticipated procedure the prosecution will use to prosecute you and possible pitfalls you may encounter in your case. Your Virginia criminal lawyer will have the ability to help you determine what you are most likely to face and what yours options are based on the charges you are facing. From investigation to the conclusion of your case, the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. Virginia criminal lawyers will works tirelessly to make sure your rights are safeguarded. Our Virginia criminal defense lawyers understand how to negotiate effectively to obtain our clients the best possible outcome based on the facts of their case. We have offices in Fairfax & Richmond. A professional VA criminal defense lawyer will offer clients what are realistic options a client can expect from the sex crimes case they are facing. In the event you are able to have your criminal charges dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge, your Virginia criminal defense lawyer can even help you with the expungement (the practice of sealing) of your criminal record. A Virginia criminal defense lawyer should keep you appraised of the progress of the criminal investigation against you and what are the probable charges you are likely to face, the likelihood you will be charged, and your available options. Our Virginia criminal lawyers are here in order to make sure that you get an experienced defense and acceptable treatment under the law, regardless of what the charges against you may be.

Federal Sex Crimes Lawyer

A Virginia federal sex crimes lawyer can assist a client understand all potential charges they could face before a federal court if they’re under investigation by a federal law enforcement agency and all possible penalties if they’re indicted. It is critical that you speak to a skilled Virginia federal criminal lawyer who will be able to help you protect your rights and your reputation. Mounting an effective federal defense demands that your Virginia federal sex crimes lawyer reviews all available evidence against you and in your favor. When your facing a Virginia federal sex crimes case, it’s critical that you mount a vigorous federal criminal defense via your lawyer. Mr. Sris is licensed to handle federal cases before eastern & western districts of VA. Mr. Sris works out of the Fairfax office. He is in Fairfax almost every day and our Fairfax office is about a mile from the courthouse.

If you’re contacted by law enforcement and informed that you’re under investigation for a Virginia sex crime, it is very important to not communicate with law enforcement without first consulting with a Virginia criminal lawyer. Virginia Sex crimes are generally considered felonies in Virginia and can have severe punishments. As a result, because Virginia sex crimes are prosecuted so harshly and have several categories in which an individual can be charged, being aware of what to anticipate from Virginia sex crimes charges is essential. If you’re charged with a Virginia sex crime no matter the facts of a case or whether you’re actually guilty, it’s imperative you have qualified and knowledgeable legal counsel on your side. Sex crimes in Virginia involve sexual conduct that’s either prohibited by law because it’s non-consensual or due to the age of one or both of the participants and in some instances both. Furthermore, there are many different sex crimes a man or woman can be charged with in Virginia.

Based on the facts and conditions of the Virginia sex crime charge you are facing, if you hire the right Virginia sex offense lawyer, he/she is going to be experienced and know what things to do to defend you against your sex crime charge. Your criminal lawyer will prepare an appropriate defense for you if he/she understands all the possible ramifications of your case. A skilled Virginia sex crimes lawyer can ensure that clients’ rights are not being violated. In sex crimes cases, it’s vital that you hire an experienced and determined lawyer on your case. Your Virginia sex crimes lawyer will know the inner workings of each sort of sex crime, the feasible punishments, and the way to defend you in court.

If you opt not to fight, your lawyer might be able to negotiate a plea bargain. Your ideal Virginia sex crimes lawyer will understand what to say, how to say this, and the way to present your case in a way that is both effective and convincing to the prosecutor. Our Virginia sex crimes lawyers are accustomed to dealing with this plea bargains, and we’ll do everything in our ability to minimize the penalties you are facing. Choosing a Virginia sex crimes lawyer early on in the procedure is significant as these types of cases are extremely aggressively investigated and very aggressively prosecuted. There may be investigatory meetings that your Virginia sex crimes lawyer could possibly be permitted to attend. Deciding upon the Virginia criminal lawyer who’s going to stand between you and the prosecutors in control of your case is an incredibly important choice. Contact us for help. We have offices in Fairfax & Richmond.

Some of the most commonly prosecuted sex crimes in Fairfax, Virginia our lawyers defend are the following:

  • Fairfax Sexual assault, including rape (forcible compulsion), coercion with a dangerous weapon and inappropriate touching
  • Fairfax Child sexual abuse/child sexual assault
  • Fairfax Carnal knowledge of a child
  • Fairfax Aggravated sexual battery
  • Fairfax Statutory rape
  • Fairfax Sexting crimes
  • Fairfax Internet sex crimes
  • Fairfax Date rape
  • Fairfax Child pornography, including distribution of child pornography, and possession of printed materials, films and computerized images of child pornography.
  • Fairfax Solicitation of a minor
  • Fairfax Prostitution
  • Fairfax Solicitation of Prostitution
  • Fairfax Human Trafficking
  • Fairfax Indecent Liberties
  • Fairfax Object Sexual Penetration
  • Fairfax Infected Sexual Battery
  • Fairfax Sodomy
  • Fairfax Carnal Knowledge
  • Fairfax Indecent Exposure

If you are charged with a sexual offense in Fairfax, your case may originate in the Fairfax Juvenile Court if it is a sexual offense against a family member or a minor. If it is a sexual offense against an individual who is not a family member or a minor, then your case will most likely start in Fairfax General District Court. You may also be direct indicted for a sexual offense and in that case, your case will start in the Fairfax Circuit Court. Sex crimes in Fairfax, Virginia are investigated by the Virginia State Police, Fairfax ICAC, FBI and ICE primarily.

Since Fairfax, Virginia sex crimes are so aggressively prosecuted, it is critical to hire a Fairfax criminal lawyer who understands not only how sexual offenses are prosecuted in Fairfax, but also understand the technology behind sexual offenses. Call Mr. Sris at the Fairfax office today and speak with him if you have been charged with a Fairfax sexual offense or a Virginia sex crime.

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