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Are you charged with solicitation of a minor in Virginia? Then you could end up with a minimum mandatory sentence of five years jail time. And you need to know that it is for one single charge. Most often, prosecutors will slap two or more charges against the accused. So, you should not take this charge lightly. Are you being investigated or charged for online solicitation? Then contact a Virginia solicitation lawyer right away.

One of the most severe crimes in the United States of America is solicitation. It is considered more severe if the enticement of a juvenile child. This sort of crime is usually done online through the internet where the offender who is above the age of 18 years old contacts a juvenile child as in aged below the age of 18 years old and arranges a meeting between them where the offender intends to engage in a sexual act with the juvenile. Online enticement of a juvenile in Virginia is an intense online sex crime that can bring serious disciplines.

To trap online sex offenders, the law enforcement officers tend to act like minor children and wait for them to arrange for a meeting which will eventually lead to the arrest. You need to know that actual sexual contact does not need to happen and the aim of the police officers is to nab you when you trying to engage in sexual relations with the alleged underage individual. In the state of Virginia, the enticement of a juvenile falls under the category of the use of communication systems.

In the state of Virginia, most enticement of a juvenile crimes are done online and are therefore called as online enticement of a juvenile. Whether the crime is categorized as a felony with a mandatory minimum jail sentence depends on what type of online solicitation it is and the wide scope of exercises or activities. It will also depend on the gadget used, for example, a computer or mobile will be included in sex violations through the internet.

These violations include but are not limited to the following cases:

  • The adult offender showing his/ her sexual parts to the minor child means of any device that uses the internet;
  • The adult offender showing some enthusiasm for the sexual parts of a minor and recommends that the minor displays them to him/ her through a communicating device;
  • The adult offender recommends that the minor touch his/ her sexual parts and allows the minor to see the adult offender’s sexual act through a device connected to the internet;
  • The adult offender proposes that the minor and himself/ herself should to take part in a sexual act or demonstration sooner rather than later.
  • The adult offender proposes that the minor should meet with the offender at a predefined place for engaging in illegal sexual acts.

These violations include but are not limited to the following cases:

  • Sexual intercourse;
  • Anal intercourse; and
  • Oral sex.

If you have been charged with online solicitation of a minor, speak to a solicitation of a minor defense lawyer in Virginia immediately and know what your defenses are.

Mr. Sris has been defending clients charged with this crime for over 18 years. He was one of the first attorneys to defend these types of crimes in Virginia. He is an experienced online solicitation of a minor defense lawyer in Virginia. C