Speeding Tickets in Virginia With Out of State License Fairfax Attorney

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Drivers that hold an out of state driving licenses are treated the same way as drivers that hold a Virginia state driving license. Therefore, if the driver was not informed of the traffic laws of Virginia he/she cannot use that as a defense in court. Compared to other states, the state of Virginia has very tough speeding laws. This is done for the sake of making the streets safer which will lead to safer people.

If an out of state driver gets a speeding ticket in the state of Virginia, the first thing that he/she should do is verify that the charge they’re being charged with is actually a speeding charge and not a reckless driving one. It’s very important to read the ticket carefully. On the document, under what the driver is being charged with, it usually will specify whether it’s speeding or reckless driving.

If an out of state driver does not pay the ticket, then Virginia will forward that date to the out of state driver’s home state. The home state will do whatever the home state usually does for tickets that have not been paid. If the driver fails to pay the ticket within thirty days of their court date, absent special circumstances, then Virginia DMV will suspend their right to operate a motor vehicle in Virginia.

If the driver is facing a speeding ticket in Virginia, and he/she wants to contest it, but he/she is an out of state driver, a Virginia attorney at law can go to court on the driver’s behalf. They can fight the charge just the same as if the driver was there present in person so that the driver never has to come back to Virginia throughout the whole representation. The attorney at law can save the driver time since he/she do not have to come back, and the attorney at law can save the driver money because he/she doesn’t have to admit guilt.

Virginia will send speeding ticket information to the driver’s out of state residence because most states in the USA are part of the Driver License Compact, these states have agreed to inform each other of all traffic violations that happen to any out of state drivers in their own state. Virginia is included in this compact and therefore it sends out information to the out of state driver’s home state whenever they receive any type of ticket in Virginia. Typically, the home state will treat this the exact same way that they would treat the speeding ticket if it had occurred in the home state, as long as the offense exists in the home state as well which in this case it does.

Drivers who get caught violating the speed limit law will have to pay a fine, $6 for each mile over the speed limit plus court costs. When informed of the speed violation the driver’s auto insurance company would most likely increase their prices to the driver since now his risk level is higher.

If you need a Virginia Speeding Tickets Lawyer to help you with your Speeding Tickets case in Virginia, call us at 888-437-7747. Our Virginia Speeding Tickets Attorneys can help you.

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