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A thousand questions run in your mind, the moment you are stopped by the police for traffic violation. The motor vehicle laws are the most stringent in the state of Virginia. A conviction can lead to suspension of driving privileges. Apart from protecting your driving privileges it is crucial to ensure your criminal or driving record is not tarnished with demerit points. Never take a chance, consult reputed traffic lawyer Charlotte, VA and ensure you are cleared of all charges. The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. and their lawyers in Charlotte have hands on experience in handling different types of traffic cases and can get you out of the mess unscathed.

For most of us, driving license is not just an authorization to drive on the road; it is part of our bread winning activity. If you cannot take your car out, it could means not going to work on time, spending on school bus for your kids, taking a taxi to the grocery shop and the list is endless. All this is going to cost you big money. Without your driver’s license you become immobile. You can put an end to this agony by approaching a reliable traffic lawyer Charlotte, VA and get your ticket dismissed or reduced.

Be wise while choosing a traffic lawyer Charlotte, VA. Experience and skill both matter while making a choice. Even a violation, as simple as a speeding ticket can lead to increased insurance premium. Getting the assistance of traffic lawyer Charlotte, VA can ensure your charges are dismissed or reduced leaving you with a small fine.

An outstation driving violating the Virginia laws is liable for penalty in the host state. This does not mean that the home state may be kept in the dark about your violation in Virginia. There are sharing agreements with Virginia with some states leaving you with a suspended license in the home state as well. So, it is time you get your charges cleared as quickly as possible. The best way to do it is to get the assistance of reputed traffic lawyer Charlotte, VA.

Virginia Traffic Laws

Traffic tickets can lead to far reaching impacts on your reputation, job, family, finances among others. It is here you need the assistance of experienced traffic lawyer Charlotte, VA from the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. They have experience in the court proceedings and can offer excellent defense for any type of traffic offenses, be it speeding ticket, DUI, reckless driving, driving on suspended license, etc. Do not take any chance, call your traffic lawyer Charlotte, VA as soon as you receive a ticket and they can help you out the mess.

What happens at the traffic court?

As soon as you receive a ticket, the first thing to do is to look for the court date. A ticket is a sheet of paper indicating the offender to appear at the Charlotte court on a specific data and time. In case of reckless driving, the first court date could be your trial date but it is not always the situation. It happens only in serious accident cases or if the speed limit is far exceeding the prescribed levels. The court may call you for a trial in such circumstances. Speak to a traffic lawyer Charlotte at once.

During your first court appearance the court explains your right to counsel, especially if there is a possibility of a jail terms. Generally, the hearings are held at the court during the morning session. During your first appearance before the judge, you will be asked to hire a traffic lawyer Charlotte or avail the assistance of a court appointed counsel.

Your presence in the court is important even if it is a simple pre-payable offense or a severe charge. There may be circumstances when the situation may become complicated and your physical presence may be needed to clarify certain issues. In most cases, the traffic lawyer Charlotte will appear on your behalf but this could vary from case to case. The Charlottesville General District Court handles most traffic violation cases. Only serious offenses involving an accident leading to injury or death are taken up by the Commonwealth lawyer.

The procedures in the court are simple, you will called for the hearing, where the judge explains your charges and ask you if you are guilty or not. There are different ways to answer this question before the judge; the possibilities are to plead guilty, plead not guilty, no contest pleading or not entering into any plea at all. For any guidance contact traffic lawyer Charlotte from the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. and they will offer you the best guidance in such situations.

The actual trial begins when you plead not guilty. At this point the assistance of a traffic lawyer Charlotte cannot be avoided. In this scenario, the judge will call for evidence and ask the law enforcement officer on what exactly happened. Once the officer explains the series of events, the offender will be given a chance to question the officer. Once the officer testifies, you will be given a chance to explain to the judge on what happened. It is optional and there is no compulsion to explain your case. Once all the witnesses are heard, the judge may either regard you guilty or innocent. The penalties are announced if the driver is found guilty. Then it is time to speak to your lawyer in Charlotte for an appeal.

Fine payment options

The penalties for the offense vary depending upon the intensity of the offense. If a fine is to be collected, the convict has to pay within 30 days of the order. The offender has to pay for the court cost too. The amount is paid at the General District Court, clerk’s office. You can also pay to the court if you prefer. If you are looking for a payment plan, the clerks can help you with it. Speak to your traffic lawyer Charlotte for more information on the various options to pay your fine.

Licence suspension

For license suspension 30 days or less the license will be kept at the clerk’s office. The license is passed on to the DMV’s office only when the suspension period exceeds 30 days. Moreover, the court cannot take the out of state driver’s license but it has the authority to suspend their driving privileges in Virginia. If judge has sentenced you to jail, then you have about 3 weeks’ time to delay your reporting and your traffic lawyer Charlotte works on an appeal.

An appeal can be filed within 10 days at the General District Court by your lawyer. Your traffic lawyer Charlotte can speak to the clerk about the appeal once the case is over and he may offer you a new court date in the Charlotte Circuit Court. Also remember your first court date is not your trial date. It is just a docket call date and your actual trial date will be set during this time. During the docket call date your can either opt for jury trial or bench trial. For jury trial you may have to bear the cost of the jury if you are convicted. An experienced traffic lawyer Charlotte can guide you through the process towards a favourable outcome. You can also withdraw your appeal and this process can involve additional court costs.

Hiring a traffic lawyer Charlotte

Many offenders are apprehensive to approach a traffic lawyer Charlotte as they feel they will not be able to handle their fee. You cannot call the lawyer cost a con of hiring a traffic lawyer Charlotte but infact it can turn into an advantage, considering the work offs you need to take to appear before the judge or be penalized with hefty fines, license suspension or even jail sentence.

Hiring a traffic lawyer Charlotte can definitely be to your advantage. Each case is unique and so is the fee. The following are some of the benefits of hiring a traffic lawyer Charlotte:

  1. They have sound knowledge of the legal system and experience in handling court sessions. They know the best course of action for the offense and can use strategies to get your charges dismissed.
  2. Since the traffic lawyer Charlotte spend most of their time in the court, they are well aware of the procedures, attitude of the judges and law enforcement officers and can move the case accordingly to ensure you get quick relief.
  3. The traffic lawyer Charlotte from the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. has excellent local knowledge and it can be used to your advantage.
  4. Criminal charges can be serious and needs excellent negotiating skills. Your traffic lawyer Charlotte can negotiate a moving violation to non-moving violation thereby saving points on your license.
  5. If you are anticipating a court trial, do not evade the idea of hiring a traffic lawyer Charlotte. They can mean a lot to your defense.
  6. Drivers with repeat traffic offense cannot do away without the assistance of skilled lawyer in Charlotte. They can increase your chance of winning a case.

At any point of time traffic lawyer Charlotte is your one point contact to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

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