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Mecklenburg is situated in the southern part of Virginia. It contains one of the busiest Interstate roadways # 85, along with Route 1 and Route 57. With so much congestion on the road, it is possible that Mecklenburg can witness a lot of violations. However, due to the strict laws and penalties in Mecklenburg and other parts of Virginia, such incidents are kept in check. There are several types of vehicular violations that one can be booked for in Mecklenburg. But just in case somebody gets booked for any kind of violations on the road whether major or minor, it is always advisable that the person retains a Traffic lawyer to help them out in the matter and get over with the legal tussle as soon as possible. Every law firm like the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. with their traffic lawyer Mecklenburg, VA is adept at defending their clients for every kind of charge related to driving violations.

Hiring a lawyer in VA can benefit

In many of the cases, where people are charged with simple fines, those ticketed decide to plead guilty, pay the fine and put an end to the legal issue. But as would any expert lawyer Mecklenburg, VA would tell, pleading guilty is not a very advisable option in most cases of violation even if the fined amount is paltry. This is because, with his/her expertise, a traffic lawyer not only helps in mitigating the fines but also tries to do away with them, as far as possible. That is not all; pleading guilty also escalates the insurance premiums for the accused. Therefore, with the help of an attorney in Mecklenburg, VA, one may not only be able to save on a part or whole of fines, but they would also, not face the additional penalty of hiked insurance premiums.

One may decide against hiring a traffic lawyer Mecklenburg, VA considering it as a means to save a few bucks. But such a decision may come to be more costly because a traffic lawyer Mecklenburg, VA apart from fighting in court for lowering the fines for the clients also helps in saving certain hidden monetary penalties for their clients. In other words, hiring an attorney in Mecklenburg, VA always comes to be a wise financial decision. That apart, the services of traffic lawyers also help in wrapping up the cases in the shortest possible time frame.

Other than these, other major benefits that come in when one hires a traffic lawyer Mecklenburg, VA, include:

  • Traffic Lawyer Mecklenburg, VA represents the case in court on behalf of their clients. That means, those charged with violations are not required to appear every time they are asked to. Instead, their hired traffic lawyer Mecklenburg, VA does so, on their behalf. This is a huge relief not only for people who stay in Mecklenburg but especially those who live outside Mecklenburg and are facing violation charges therein. Retaining a traffic lawyer Mecklenburg, VA is very important for those living outside Mecklenburg because, unlike earlier days, the law enforcement agencies now apprehend people irrespective of the place they are in.
  • Traffic lawyer helps in saving the jobs for those ticketed and also help with security clearance issues. With the help of traffic lawyer Mecklenburg, VA, those facing the charges are not only able to get help with security clearances but are also saved from potential job losses too.
  • Traffic Lawyer Mecklenburg, VA helps the defendant retain the driving privileges. If somebody pleads guilty, they stand to lose their driving privileges as well. Traffic Lawyer Mecklenburg, VA with the help of their experience and best of defenses ensures as far as possible, to save on their client’s driving privileges.
  • The point system is complex and unless someone hires a traffic lawyer it may not be possible for them to understand the ramifications of the charges.

Charges where traffic lawyer in VA can help

Virginia Traffic Laws
A traffic violation is an all-encompassing term that includes everything from overspeeding to driving under the influence and several other types of violations. Any kind of driving violation can result in serious repercussions both for the driver and other people on the road but there are kinds of violations that are more serious than others. Little wonder then that the serious traffic violations carry a higher penalty than others.

Some of the traffic violation charges wherein lawyer Mecklenburg, VA can help are:

  • Over speeding and reckless driving – Over speeding, as is self-suggestive, is the driving of a vehicle over the prescribed speed limit. However, if this over speeding exceeds 20 miles per hour above the prescribed speed limit or is above 85 miles per hour, this becomes reckless driving in Mecklenburg. Though a little over speeding may invite only fines reckless driving is termed as Class 1 Misdemeanor in Virginia and invites $2500 in fines and /or 12 months in jail, in addition to the suspension of the driving license for six months. These are very serious penalties wherein only a traffic lawyer in VA can bail out the accused from the charges. If any act of reckless driving leads to loss of life, then the case is tried under felony. In such circumstances, hiring a traffic lawyer in VA becomes all the more essential.
  • Driving under influence – DUI charges are made against drivers who are found driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or substance. DUI is also classified as Class 1 Misdemeanor and invites punishment of $ 2500 in fines, 12 months of imprisonment, and 6 months of driving license suspension. Since the pieces of evidence related to driving under influence are with law enforcement authorities, it is not easy to wriggle out of such cases unscathed. It takes a lot on the part of any attorney in VA to tilt the cases in favor of their clients if they are facing DUI charges.

Other than these two major charges of traffic violations, a lawyer in VA can also help the clients with several other charges like:

  • Jumping the red light
  • Illegal U-turns
  • Following too closely
  • Eluding the police
  • Failure to obey a highway sign
  • Passing a halted school bus
  • Failure to obey a signal
  • Driving an overloaded vehicle
  • Spinning the wheels
  • Overtaking a vehicle illegally, and
  • Driving with defective brakes

The road ahead

As soon as somebody has been charged with any kind of traffic violation in Mecklenburg, the person should waste no time in consulting the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. and their skilled traffic lawyer. Finding a good attorney in Mecklenburg, VA should not be a problem for anybody since there are several famous lawyers and law firms specializing in such cases. In fact, a few attorneys in VA also offer the first consultation free of cost and give the accused, a legal perspective of the case and the probable penalties that he can face on account of those charges. It is also important for every accused to hire a traffic lawyer Mecklenburg, VA so that their chosen traffic lawyer Mecklenburg, VA gets into the action as soon as possible. Court proceedings can be far more difficult than what one can imagine. When a case is represented by an attorney in VA, the defendant not only gets an extra dash of confidence but a whole lot of motivation in such difficult times.

Once a case has been taken over by traffic lawyer Mecklenburg, VA, it is the responsibility of the lawyer to formulate the best strategies for the case and pick the right defenses so that the verdict is in favor of the clients. Consulting a traffic lawyer Mecklenburg, VA as soon as someone is charged is also important because only an attorney in Mecklenburg, VA can guide the defendant regarding what and how much to divulge to the authorities during interrogation or in court. Every statement spoken by the defendant carries great weightage and even a small mistake herein can take away the case from him/her. A lawyer in VA not only saves the client from probable fines and jail terms but the services of Traffic lawyer Mecklenburg, VA also go a long way in preventing the name of their clients from cropping up in the criminal records. Once a defendant’s name is entered into criminal records, he/she has to face societal punishment even after serving the legal punishment.

The onus of proving the guilt of the defendant in such cases rests with the law enforcement authorities. Traffic lawyer Mecklenburg, VA by employing apt defenses puts serious question marks on traffic authorities’ versions. Some of the common defenses put forth by the attorney in Mecklenburg, VA like those of inaccurate LIDAR instruments, imprecise RADAR readings, bad weather, manual errors, or erroneous calibrations of the recording instruments help to tilt the case in favor of the clients.

To hire or not to hire a Traffic lawyer Mecklenburg, VA is an individual’s call, but hiring one goes a long way in ensuring the defendants that their cases have been handled with justice.

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