Types of Child Custody in Virginia Fairfax Lawyer

Legal Custody of Children in Virginia:

In Virginia, legal custody are the important or major decisions that a parent or both parents make that will impact their child or children. These could be about religion, school and/or medical issues.

Physical Custody of Children in Virginia:

The time spent on the minor between the two parents is known as physical guardianship.

This could be done by moving the children from each parent’s home or if each individual parent moves from their home to the children’s home and then go back when it is the other individual’s turn.

Joint Legal Custody and Primary Custody:

Joint legal care means that both caretakers have the ability to make major decisions on their children. This guardianship is one of the most common custodies in VA since many families have two full-time working caretakers. Moreover, primary guardianship means that a caretaker has the primary guardianship of his/her kids and the other caretaker has shared guardianship arrangements or he/she visits from time to time.

Nesting in Virginia:

When some families draft or make a time-sharing arrangement in VA, it is also known as nesting. The children won’t have to go from home to home to spend time with each individual caretaker, the caretakers will do the moving and the minors will remain in one home. That is why it’s called nesting. Either the caretakers get a separate home which they will both live in at different times when the other caretaker is with the kids, or they could have separate homes.

Sole Custody in Virginia:

Sole care means that there is only one caretaker that can make important decisions that impact their children. Sole care is legal care. Even though one caretaker has the sole care, both parents should still have conversations about important decisions that will impact their children, such as medical decisions. However, the parent with the sole care is the one that will make the decision

Joint custody in Virginia:

In contrary to the sole care, joint care means that both caretakers have the right to make important decisions that will impact their minor in Virginia. However, a parent must agree with an important choice that the other parent has for his/her minor or minors.

Third Party Custody In Virginia:

When the care of children or a child is with a person that is not the child’s parents, then its referred as third-party guardianship. The care of the child could be with their aunt, uncle, or their grandparent. However, sometimes the guardianship of their child is with a person that is outside of their family. Sometimes this happens through the court where they realize that the parents of a child cant take care of their child, so they give the guardianship of the child to another person outside their family.

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