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It is still presumed by many that human trafficking is something that happens far away and that it can never happen to them. But the sad truth is that it can happen any moment to you or your near and dear ones.

While the Thirteenth Amendment eliminated slavery and involuntary servitude, the modern form of human trafficking encompasses sex trade which has a big impact on the minors and undocumented immigrants.

Federal criminal law defines human trafficking and sets punishments for acts associated with it. We can now take a look at what human trafficking is about and the prosecutions.

Human trafficking is generally defined as, “illegal trade or sale of human beings for the commercial uses of sexual exploitation or forced labor.”

Under the federal and state laws, the person accusing must prove that the defendant tried to engage or participated in the transportation, solicitation, recruitment, harboring, providing, or obtaining of a person for transport, regardless of whether it was against this person’s will or with their consent.

Human trafficking can be determined by one of the following two conditions:

That the defendant had direct knowledge and/or intention to put the transported person into forced labor or services such as prostitution or;

That the defendant made financial profits by realizing or obtaining anything of worth through the defendant’s participation in the endeavor, which ushered the participant into forced labor or services.

In case you are charged with human trafficking, get in touch with an experienced attorney who has immense knowledge of the sex crimes in Virginia. Further, the attorney must have knowledge in both Virginia sex crimes as well as federal slavery laws.

What is Human Trafficking?

Those accused of human trafficking need to know that one or more of the following will apply:

An investigation of bonded labor or debt bondage, for repayment of a loan or service where the terms of the agreement are not clearly defined for the indentured person.

Trafficking is also defined as transporting illegal or undocumented workers in an attempt to bypass US immigration laws.

Sex trafficking of women or children occurs when the victims are forced into miserable circumstances and then the defendant forces them into prostitution, dancing in strip clubs, acting for pornographic videos or films, and other forms of involuntary services. In most cases, the victims would be teens, homeless people, refugees, or drug addicts.

Most human trafficking also includes other criminal charges such as conspiracy, kidnapping, fraud, coercion, forgery, theft, and drug possession, manufacturing, or sale.

Human Trafficking Penalties in Virginia

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, human trafficking is a sex crime under the statute that governs the taking, detaining or confining a person for prostitution. A Class 4 felony conviction will attract two to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $100,000. There may be other charges associated with a sex trafficking case that may attract severe felonies which in turn can result in long prison sentences.

When accused of human trafficking, you will need the services of a qualified and experienced defense attorney considering the severe nature of the offense.

If you need the help of a skilled VA Federal Human Trafficking lawyer to defend you before the Virginia Federal Courts for a human trafficking case or sex trafficking case, call our law firm immediately at 888-437-7747. Our VA Federal Human Trafficking attorneys can help you. C

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