Car Accident Attorney In Fairfax VA

The biggest worry for a victim of a car accident in Fairfax is how to get an insurance company to give them a fair result

Accepting the fact that you probably cannot win the fight by yourself is the first step to winning

When looking for a car accident attorney in Fairfax VA, you might be confused as to whom to hire to help you with losses you suffered as a result of the car accident

When deciding this, you should think about what important considerations you should take into account when hiring an attorney for the car accident case

One of the most important requirements is inquiring  whether the attorney has handled similar cases

An experienced attorney should have a good understanding of the laws that are applicable to cases like yours and how the courts rule on these types of cases.

The attorney you choose should be willing to stand up to the insurance company in terms of refusing any offers of settlements that are not fair to you.

The fees for a car accident attorney in Fairfax, VA are usually contingency fees

That means, unless you collect, the attorney does not get paid. 

Contingency fees ensure effective representation by the attorney because the attorney is invested in your success.

During the initial consultation with the attorney, you should explain all facts in detail to him

As you narrate the facts, the attorney would also explain to you how the case would proceed and what you can expect from the case

Mr. Sris is an experienced trial attorney. His office is approximately one mile from the Fairfax County Courthouse. He has over 20 years of experience. C