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Virginia Child Abuse

Child abuse is defined as the maltreatment of a minor. This could be done physically, sexually, psychologically or by neglecting a minor. Virginia’s law states that juvenile abuse is a serious crime that is recognized as a felony and punished accordingly. Juvenile maltreatment may come from the neglect of a minor from a parent, guardian, etc. For a juvenile maltreatment case to occur, a serious injury must happen.

Some of these include:

  • Burns;
  • Cuts;
  • Broken Bones;
  • Life-threatening internal injuries; and
  • Permanent injury to limbs which will not function properly after the incident.

Virginia Law states that for a case to be seen as a juvenile maltreatment crime, certain conditions must be present. These conditions are:

  • The one that committed the crime is the parent, guardian or someone who was assigned to take care of the minor;
  • The offender intended to abuse the minor; and
  • The minor had an injury due to the abuse and mistreatment of the parent, guardian, etc.

Juvenile maltreatment is recognized as a felony in all cases. General juvenile mistreatment is wrongdoing that is taken as a class four felony. This implies that the punishment for child abuse is a period in jail which ranges from two to ten years and a fine which may go up to yet not exceed $100,000. The case is different when the maltreatment is the disregarding or neglecting of a child. Child maltreatment in the form of disregarding a child is perceived as a lawful felony of class six. This implies that the discipline for child abuse in the form of neglecting a minor is imprisonment for a period that ranges somewhere in the range of one and five years. Now and again, the court may choose to reduce the punishment to the felony with a similar discipline given to class one or class A misdemeanor violation. This means that the punishment might be a period in prison for a maximum of one year as well as an expense that may reach however not go over $2500.

Virginia law states that there are certain professionals that must report any suspicion on someone that is abusing a child in any way possible.

These professionals include yet are not limited to the following:

  • Doctors;
  • Nurses;
  • Social workers;
  • Police officers;
  • Coaches;
  • Counselors; and
  • Teachers.

Virginia law also states that there are severe punishments to people older than 14 years old and intentional false report child abuse. This kind of crime is known as a misdemeanor of class one or class A. If the crime is repeated, the crime will be recognized as a class six felony.

Virginia child abuse laws recognize child abuse as a serious crime. This serious crime is recognized as a felony of class four. This implies that it is punished by two to ten years of imprisonment and/or a fine that may go up to but not exceed $100,000. Child abuse in the form of child neglect is taken as a felony of class six and punished accordingly to the class.

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