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Child pornography in Virginia is a very serious crime. The consequences and penalties associated with it may be very strict and harsh on offenders involved with such offenses. There are strong perceptions against offenders that have committed such crimes and prosecutors are highly persistent in pursuing the charges pressed against such offenders. Hence, hiring a Virginia child pornography lawyer is highly important for individuals who have committed a crime in terms of child pornography.

Moreover, Virginia sex crimes lawyers are highly important to be contacted or hired for defense as many innocent and blameless individuals are, many time, charged with child pornography offenses. The reasons behind that are that in many cases, the defendant in this situation may have not known that he/she is truly involved in file sharing or distribution of child pornography.

In many cases, the defendants are not aware of the pornography actors being underage. Virginia child pornography lawyers are able to reduce the defendant’s sentence by arguing these points in the court of law. In addition, due to the technology advances and the higher crime rate associated with hacking and data access by third parties, the defendant may have never been part of child pornography files distribution or sharing. In those cases, the defendant’s electronic device, such as their laptops, tablets, and work stations, may have been infiltrated by a hacker or another member of the household that has commenced in such activity. Whereas, in many cases, defendants are so many times held liable for downloading child porn from the internet. Even though this is a highly recurring case, in many of these instances, a virus or a program may be installed on the defendant’s electronic device by mistake where he/she was not aware of the files being stored on his/her electronic device.

Therefore, in Virginia, hiring and/or contacting a Virginia sex crimes lawyer as a defendant, guilty or not, is always a bright idea. Other reasons for this basically include the fact that prosecutors must always prove that the individuals involved in kiddie porn were minors or under the legal consent age. Moreover, some VA sex crimes lawyers focus primarily in this field. Having a Virginia sex crimes lawyer represent an offender in court, regardless as defense or as in prosecution, is of major importance. Kiddie porn lawyers are involved in activities that may increase or decrease the offender’s sentence regardless if he/she is guilty or not. For instance, under Virginia’s laws, various images that involve undressed minors may not be regarded as kiddie porn. This is the case when the images are stored for medical purposes, images stored by law enforcement for evidence, images stored by doctors or psychiatrists, and images maintained by judges for an ongoing case.

Virginia child pornography crimes have been growing in rate, rapidly due to the increasing usage of the internet. The convictions increased vastly and therefore more lawyers are specializing in the field of kiddie porn defense and prosecution. Not only in Virginia, but generally, obtaining a legal advice or an opinion from a child pornography lawyer has been shown to provide major help to offenders, whether guilt or not.

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