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What Insures Cruelty?

Any harm to one of the spouses’ physical and/or mental health constitutes as cruelty in Virginia. When a partner is feared of bodily harm, it also can be classified as cruelty. Cruelty is also shown when a court finds the acts of one of the spouses as intolerable through danger and/or is feared by his/her significant other.

What does Adultery mean in Virginia?

Adultery in Virginia means that one of the spouses is involved in an affair and has any type of sexual activity with another person outside of his/her marriage. Also in Virginia, sodomy means if a spouse is involved in sexual activity with another person outside their marriage, much like adultery. On the other hand, if a spouse has any type of sexual activity with an animal, that is considered to be buggery.

What is the Required Time that Someone must wait in order for a Divorce to Happen

An immediate dissolve bonds of matrimony will be served to the partners if the bases of their dissolve bonds of matrimony is adultery. If the reason that a married couple are divorcing is cruelty or desertion, then they must be separated for one year. However, if separation is the base of the dissolve bonds of matrimony then they must be separated for a year or six months if they draft a separation agreement and have no minor children.

What are the Proofs that are Required for a Fault Divorce in Virginia?

Some proofs that a person needs if he/she is looking to file a dissolve bonds of matrimony in Virginia are a felony conviction of his/her spouse, the acts or cruelty of the spouse which makes him/her in fear of any bodily harm, if the spouse deserted or abandoned his/her spouse willfully for at least 12 months or one year, and/or if the spouse was involved in sodomy, adultery and/or buggery outside their marriage.

What is Meant by a Separation Agreement?

A divorce will be less expensive and less contentious if a married couple are still communicating and if they draft a separation agreement. The dealing with all the issues related with dissolve bonds of matrimony is also known as a separation agreement. The couple could agree on how they will give spousal support for another, how they will split the marital support, and they need to assign marital debt.

What are the Requirements for a No-Fault Divorce?

If a married couple wants to file a no-fault divorce, they must meet a couple of requirements such as, they must have lived for at least one year separately. This time can decrease to six months if the couple made a separation agreement and if they have no minor children.

What Does Legal Grounds mean in Virginia?

When a spouse is filing a divorce, he/she needs to write the reasons for the dissolve bonds of matrimony which are also known as the legal grounds. The legal grounds for a fault divorce could be that the filing spouse is afraid of any bodily harm for his/her significant other. However, if the spouse that is filing the divorce does not have any reasons or legal grounds, then he/she can issue a no-fault divorce which could mean that the married couple are no longer getting along with each other or they have some irreconcilable differences.

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