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When you are charged with domestic violence, it is also possible that a divorce, loss of custody of a child, a protective order, jail, etc., are also involved. Therefore, getting in touch with the right domestic violence lawyer is vital.

What is violence? It is considered as the persistent use of physical power against someone else. Then, domestic violence is considered as intentional use of violence on someone at home. 

For instance, violence between couples or between a father and his minor child can be termed as domestic violence.

How does domestic violence have an impact on your life? It causes panic, nightmares, anxiety, depression, alcohol abuse, shame, isolation, lack of concentration, etc. It also has physical impacts, as it may result in fractures, cuts, burns, etc.

According to the domestic violence law in Virginia, it can cause physical, psychological or mental impacts. To file a complaint for domestic violence, it must have happened between a married couple, divorced couple, individuals who share a young child despite the fact that they are not married, individuals who share a young child despite the fact that they were not married, father and son, father and daughter, siblings, occupants in the same place, and individuals who lived together respectively for over a year even though they had no legal attachment.

A Virginia domestic violence lawyer will be able to help you out on various cases including a fault divorce case, a child custody case, and domestic violence case. Most of the domestic violence cases in Virginia are associated with divorce; therefore, domestic violence lawyers are well informed with all divorce laws in the state. Therefore, attorneys can usually manage divorce lawsuits that are associated with domestic violence.

In other words, if you have filed for divorce at a court of law in the state of Virginia and it is a fault divorce due to violence, you should choose an attorney who is fit to help you with the divorce case as well. This will also have implications on the child custody case as it is most often associated with contested divorce. Then, the plaintiff will have to file a lawsuit seeking custody of a child because the other parent used physical power against that child resulting in domestic violence.

You can also hire a Virginia domestic violence if you need to defend yourself against charges of domestic violence. A lawyer dealing with domestic assault or spousal abuse in Virginia should be able to handle both the complainant and defendant easily.

Mr. Sris is a criminal defense lawyer in Virginia who regularly defends clients charged with domestic violence in Virginia. If you have been charged with domestic assault or spousal abuse in Virginia, call our office at 888-437-7747.

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