Virginia First Offense Reckless Driving Fairfax Attorney

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Virginia’s reckless driving is treated as first offense in case when the traffic law violator in Virginia hasn’t had any prior offenses or convictions for reckless driving. When a traffic law violator commits such reckless driving violation, the court immediately consults the county responsible where it determines if the punishment is considered as a first offense or not. It must be noted that the first trial for misdemeanor of reckless driving offense would take place at the General District Court or at the Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court for Juveniles.

Upon the judge’s question if the first offense reckless driving traffic law violator is to plead guilty or not guilty, the judge would ask the office about the traffic law violator’s driving record. In case the reckless driving violation is regarded as a first offense reckless driving, then the punishment would at times be lesser than usual where a prior conviction of reckless driving has happened.

However, traffic law violators must note that even though the violation is regarded as a first time reckless driving offense, they may not be treated with leniency at times.

Despite if the reckless driving is a traffic law violator’s first offense, he or she is advised to hire an attorney at law and not represent himself or herself in the court of law. The reasoning behind this is that the attorney at law may help the traffic law violator to avoid a misdemeanor conviction for reckless driving. Also, hiring an attorney at law when it comes to a first offense reckless driving may also be recommended as the traffic law violator gets a chance to discuss the options of pleading guilty or not guilty with a legal professional rather than alone.

In terms of fines, first time reckless driving violators are expected to pay a fee in a range from $350-$500, also this may vary on the level of recklessness at hand. The fine would be much higher in situations of repeated reckless driving offenses and may go up to $2,500 as a maximum fine.

In addition, for first time reckless driving violators, jail time may be avoided by instead performing community service. However, just like mentioned above, each reckless driving violation is looked at on a case by case basis. For instance, jail time may be necessary if the first time reckless driving violator drove over 95 miles per hour.

First time reckless driving violators may also expect points on their licenses. Six demerit points are placed on the first time reckless driving violator’s license and these points remain on the license for a period of two years. In some cases of first time reckless driving violators, such points may be removed earlier than two years. First time reckless driving violators must understand that accumulating points on their licenses may cost their licenses to be suspended for a specific period of time.

Finally, it must be noted that extreme negligent and first-time reckless driving violators may have their licenses suspended regardless of the amount of points accumulated on the violators’ licenses.

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