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In the state of Virginia, laws related to Grand Larceny are highly strict in terms of their penalties.

As stated in the VA code § 18.2-95., a person must steal chattels or goods from a store or shop with the value being $200 or more, if he/she steals or commits larceny of money or anything valued at $5 or more from another person, and/or he/she steals or commits larceny of a firearm, valued at any price, from another person or not, then the offender shall be guilty of grand larceny. Furthermore, if an offender is convicted of grand larceny, then he/she will be subject to a time period between one to 20 years in a state correctional facility. They could have to pay a fine of not more than $2500, and/or could be imprisoned in a jail for a period of not exceeding one year or 12 months if the court tried the case without a jury or the discretion of the jury in accordance with the laws of Virginia.

A Grand Larceny ($200 or more) In Virginia:

If a person commits larceny of a chattel, merchandise, or good that costs $200 or more, not from another person, then he/she would be convicted of a grand larceny. However, if a person removes an item from a store that costs $200 or above, without the intent in doing so, then they won’t be issued with a grand larceny.

Moreover, when an offender robs merchandise or goods with another person and they both collectively acquired merchandise that cost above $200, but while they were exiting the facility or shop they dropped a couple of items and the price went down to below $200, they will still be issued a grand larceny even though the price went below the $200 mark. Also, the stolen item or good must be proven to be costing $200 or more by the shop owner or by a prosecutor, so there can be grand larceny issued to the offender. If it cannot be proven then there will be no grand larceny issued upon the offender. In Virginia, the prosecutor cannot just show the price tag to be more than $200 and hence there must be solid evidence.

A Grand Larceny (person) in Virginia:

It’s stated by the VA code §18.2-95., that if a person steals money or anything that is valued $5 or more, then he/she will be issued grand larceny. This covers basic larcenies such as from a person to another (pick-pocketing). A law that states if the stolen item not from another person is $200 or above, then it is considered to be grand larceny, but now this cost goes down to $5 or more and it has to be from another person.

A Grand Larceny (firearm) in Virginia:

When an offender robs or commits larceny on any type of firearm from a person or not, regardless of the price, then he/she will be issued grand larceny no matter what. This is due to how dangerous firearms can be.

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