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The law enforcement agencies in Virginia aggressively prosecute offenses related to online solicitation of a minor.

If you have been charged with online solicitation of a minor in Virginia, it is important that you hire a Virginia online solicitation of a minor attorney who knows how to handle these types of cases.

The online solicitation of a minor is a felony offense that falls under VA Code § 18.2-374.3, which defines it as “use of communications systems to facilitate certain offenses involving children.” It is largely defined as the proposal of sexual contact, exposure, or intercourse with a minor over any form of electronic communication system.

According to the Virginia Code, online solicitation of a minor in Virginia covers a broad list of sexual-related activities including cunnilingus, fellatio, anal and vaginal sex, fondling of genitals or the exposure of the either individual’s genitals. It is imperative to note that this law states that even a mere proposal is a crime, and you can be charged even if the actual sexual contact did not occur.

The penalties when charged for online enticement of a juvenile in Virginia include hefty fines which can go up to $2500 in Virginia. Prison sentence can differ significantly based on the age of the juvenile and the circumstances under which the proposal was made. If between 15 and 18 years of age, the maximum prison term is 10 years, and if the age of the offender is 7 years or more than the juvenile, then a five-year mandatory prison term will be applicable.

However, the biggest punishment other than jail term and fine will be the registration as a sex offender in the registry. This will have a far-reaching underlying impact on day-to-day aspects of your life. In most cases, the online solicitation charges in Virginia may also include ancillary charges such as taking indecent liberties with the minor and other allegations which may aggravate the overall offense.

Due to the laws pertaining to online solicitation of a minor being harsh and strict, it is necessary to consult a highly skilled online solicitation of a minor defense attorney in Virginia to represent you. The attorney needs to have extensive experience in dealing with child solicitation cases. Also, make sure that you provide all the evidence pertaining to your case to the attorney immediately because it is best to act as quickly as possible. Throughout the course of the trial, you can expect your attorney to carry out interviews, seek technological help, collect electronic evidence, and conduct a deep analysis of your background, including what potential allegation may be made against you and if you were involved in such incidents in the past.

Mr. Sris is a criminal attorney in who has defended clients charged with online solicitation of a minor in Virginia for over 15 years. C

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