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Personal injury is when an injury is caused to a person’s physical health as in injury caused to the body, mental health as in injury caused to the mind and injury caused to emotions. In the state of Virginia, a person cannot charge another person causing the injury or an organization which made an object causing the injury if the plaintiff ignored a safety precaution mentioned by the body or object which caused the injury. A plaintiff is a person who charges another in a law case in a court of law.

Virginia law states that in a case of personal injury, a case will be dismissed if it is proved that the plaintiff had a role in causing the injury itself to the plaintiff. In the state of Virginia, this case is called injury by negligence. A plaintiff can charge a company if an injury was caused to the plaintiff due to the negligence of an employee working for that company. Another case of negligence would be if a plaintiff did not follow the precaution rules given by a person or organization and then the plaintiff was injured due to him/ her not following the precaution rules. In this case, a court of law in the state of Virginia will not consider the case given by the plaintiff due to his/ her injury. The plaintiff will not receive any mandatory compensation for any hospital expenses and wage loss due to the plaintiff’s absence from his/ her work. The state of Virginia also states that if the plaintiff had a 1% influence in the cause of his/ her injury, he/ she will not be compensated at any means.

The state of Virginia sets certain periods of time for every injury case for which the plaintiff can charge an offender in a court of law. These sets of periods are called ‘statutes of limitations’. In the state of Virginia, the statute of limitation for personal injuries caused by a body or an object is a period of two years. This means that a plaintiff has a period of which may reach but exceed two years for him/ her to bring the personal injury case to a court of law. If more than two years have passed from the day the personal injury happened and the plaintiff brings the case to a court of law, the court will dismiss the case due to it being late.

In the state of Virginia, personal injury to a worker is a case which may be brought to a court of law so that the worker may receive a worker’s compensation or benefit. A worker may receive compensation for a personal injury if one of the following has occurred:

  • The injury occurred at work;
  • The injury occurred due to the worker’s work; or
  • The injury occurred in a place where his/ her work caused the worker to be there.

A worker will not receive compensation or a worker’s benefit if the personal injury was due to the worker’s decisions alone that were not influenced by his/ her work’s policy or employer’s decision.

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