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Sex Crime Defense Lawyer Virginia

Rape is defined as a type of sexual assault that usually involves sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual acts that are carried out against a person without his/ her consent in accordance with the laws of Virginia. Sexual assault is the act in which a person sexually touches another without the latter’s consent. Sexual assault is a form of sexual violence.

A sexual act is considered as a rape act if one of the following conditions occurs:

  • The victim is forced, intimidated or threatened to participate in a sexual act with another;
  • Sexual intercourse is done due to the physical or mental incapacitation of the victim; and
  • The victim’s age is below 13 years old.

Types of evidence present in a rape crime, in accordance with the laws of Virginia, may include the following:

  • Fingerprints;
  • DNA;
  • Hair samples;
  • Sweat samples;
  • Blood samples; and
  • Eyewitness.

A highly experienced lawyer will try to doubt the credibility of the following:

  • The credibility of the witness;
  • The credibility of the victim; and
  • The credibility of anyone who supports the victim’s claim of sexual crime.

The difference between rape and other sex crimes in accordance with the laws of Virginia?

Rape is a sex crime that involves physical, violent contact while other sex crimes such as the possession, distribution or creating child pornography do not involve physical contact. This proves why the punishment for rape and similar crimes such as sexual battery rape is more severe than the punishment for sex crimes that do not involve physical contact such as child pornography cases.

What is the necessity of contacting a highly experienced lawyer when someone is being accused to be a sex offender due to his/ her involvement in a rape case?

  • It is advisable to contact a legal attorney with high experience in dealing with felony cases in the event that the offender is accused of a rape crime on the grounds of a forceful court. Because of this, it is essential to have an accomplished preliminary attorney who has experienced this procedure commonly and can give the offender the benefit of their experience and mastery in the court setting.
  • A forcible violation accusation is an intense charge that requires a great deal of data to anchor a conviction. It additionally requires a high amount of potential examination to make a point by point safeguard. In many cases, the witness in a Virginia forcible violation case will be endangered in certain courses, yet there are sure laws to ensure his/ her memory is safe. Forcible violation cases are exceptionally complex, and they are exceedingly represented by Virginia’s case law. It is an extremely serious offense which should not be taken lightly if someone is offended of such crime. This is why a highly experienced lawyer is important so that he/ she can use his/ her experience in c cases to find a way to either minimize the punishment as much as possible for the offender or to try to dismiss the case completely. This is done by proving the offender’s innocence.

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