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Virginia reckless driving law has been considered to be one of the strictest around. In 2018, various changes and updates have been made that were passed in 2017. Below are the laws and regulations that have been passed recently.

  • HB2467: In Virginia, operating a vehicle suspensions are concurrent. This means that in case a vehicle operator’s license was suspended due to the failure of paying his/her fines for his/her reckless driving and he/she continued to ride with a suspended license. Both suspensions will concurrently occur.
  • HB2201: Motorists who do not ride on the right side of the highway due to the fact that slow drivers ride on the right side of the highway allowing passage for fast drivers, he/she will be served with a fine of $100.
  • HB2386: In terms of the grace period for court fines that are unpaid as well as the penalties have increased. The penalties given to the law violating vehicle operators may be given in installments or in a deferred installment payment agreement.
  • Virginia Code 46.2-869: Drivers that have been charged with rash operation, but however found to only be guilty of improper riding by the court itself, are subject to a fine that does not exceed the amount of $500. In addition, removal of three DMV points will be applied.
  • Virginia Code 46.2-852: Any driver or person that operating a vehicle a highway endangering the life or lives of a person or persons as well as riding recklessly will be regarded to have committed rash operation.
  • HB2327: Suspected riding under influence motorists are obliged to undertake a breath test. It must be known that refusing to submit to the above-mentioned test will result in the law enforcement officers regarding the driver in question to have failed the test. Furthermore, the penalty for refusing to do a breath test have been increased recently. Also, there is no penalty in terms of refusing to conduct a blood test.

Recently, Virginia’s senate has shown some consideration in terms of Virginia’s reckless driving laws. A person riding 11 miles per hour over the speed limit will be regarded as a reckless driver and may be subject to face 12 months or one year in prison. Hence, some changes have been proposed. Therefore, the upper limit of reckless driving has been recommended to change from 80 to 85 thus allowing more leniencies to drivers.

In this case, drivers would be regarded as reckless drivers if they are caught driving over 20 miles per hour. This has been in consideration as the Senate has stressed that driving only 11 miles per hour over the speed limit and resulting in a possibility to serve jail time for a period of one year or 12 months is not reasonable. In terms of the rest of the laws and regulations, the Senate has not argued for or proposed any changes.

Nonetheless, it is of major importance that drivers update themselves with the most recent changes in Virginia’s reckless driving laws.

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