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Most reckless driving offenders have no idea what is a reckless driving ticket. Here are a few points to help you get a better understanding about a reckless driving ticket.

The first point one needs to know is that a rash operation of an automobile ticket in Virginia is a crime and is taken quite seriously by the Virginia law.

A Virginia rash operation of a vehicle ticket is not a normal ticket and is a class one misdemeanor.

A reckless operation of an automobile charge can often result in imprisonment, huge amounts of fine and/or suspension of driver’s license.

Virginia code defines reckless operation of a vehicle as disregarding the speeding limits and endangering others, not keeping control of the vehicle, not maintaining safety equipment in the vehicle, driving beyond the permissible speed limit.

Some other actions like illegal racing in streets, passing a stopped school bus are also considered reckless driving. Most often people are charged with reckless driving due to speeding.

Virginia laws penalize reckless speeding and assault in the same manner. Both offenses are a class one misdemeanor.

Reckless speeding in Virginia is very serious and you cannot deal with the type of case without at least talking to an experienced counsel. With the help of a Virginia rash driving lawyer, you may be able to avoid suffering severe penalties.

A skilled lawyer who has experience in handling cases like yours will work aggressively to have the charge either reduced and in some cases even dismissed.

If the facts of your case do not favor an acquittal, a qualified attorney would do his best to convince the court to reduce the sentence imposed or decrease the fines imposed.

A rash operation of a vehicle conviction may have adverse consequences on your job and you may even lose it.

The fine imposed by Virginia court for rash operation of a vehicle convictions ranges from 350 to 500 dollars in most cases.

For people who repeatedly drive recklessly, the courts may impose the maximum penalty of a fine of $2500.

In addition to imprisonment and fines, the department of motor vehicles in Virginia will charge a rash operation of a vehicle offender with 6 points on his driving license

Repeatedly getting points on the license may lead to license suspension or cancellation. In this situation, reinstatement of license is extremely difficult to obtain. At times, a mere rash operation of a vehicle can lead to suspension of license.

Most rash operation of an automobile offenders are unaware of the collateral effect of reckless driving conviction.

The collateral effects include having a criminal record, loss of your security clearance and increase in insurance costs.

To try and avoid such consequences, obtain the assistance of an experienced attorney in Virginia.

Mr. Sris has defended over 1000 rash operation of a vehicle cases in Virginia. C

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