Virginia Robbery Lawyer Armed 18.2-58

Don’t let anyone tell you robbery is not considered a serious offense in Virginia

You may be wondering what the legal definition of robbery in Virginia is and how different is theft from the robbery.

You should understand that robbery is a serious kind of theft

No one wants to be charged, accused or convicted of robbery due to the severe penalties itcan result in Virginia.

These days your criminal record is checked for all the jobs you apply.

If a robbery charge appears when one checks your record, it is sure to have severe consequences and you may not be hired.

A robbery charge is sure to create a negative impression about you

All the above-mentioned consequences are the social consequences of the robbery charge, the legal consequences are even more severe

If you have to try and escape the legal consequences of a Virginia robbery charge, you should hire a Virginia robbery attorney who would provide you with a detailed narration of the options you have and the best defense that may be taken in your case.

Robbery in Virginia is considered a felony and not a misdemeanor

Most people have no idea about the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor

If you were charged with robbery in Virginia, you should know the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor

The most severe punishment that may be imposed for a misdemeanor is one year in jail and a fine of up to $2,500.00 but the punishment for a felony is at least a year in jail and up to life in prison.

Though the Virginia robbery law imposes a mandatory minimum of five years in prison, there is a possibility of up to life in jail.

The elements to be proven for a Virginia robbery conviction is the act of taking, from one person, using force orthreat of force.

The prosecution has to prove each element beyond a reasonable doubt to obtain a conviction.

To try and break the prosecution’s case you should hire a highly capable Virginia robbery lawyer who has significant experience in handling robbery cases in Virginia. C

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