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Sex Crime Defense Lawyer Virginia

An allegation of a sex crime in Virginia will cause you immense stress in terms of trying to find the sex crimes lawyer that is best for you. This article tries to give you an understanding of what a Virginia sex crimes lawyer can do to help you.

The intention of a sex crimes lawyer should be to defend you from any and all allegations.

Sex crime in Virginia is defined as a sexual act on an individual who has not given or is unable of giving consent.

It is not essential to have the actual physical contact and inappropriate exposure or online sex crimes are also termed illegal.

What a Virginia sex crimes lawyer needs to know

Generally, a sex crimes lawyer will require the same information that the law enforcement officers have and will want to know the charges. The lawyer will also gauge the nature of the relationship between the victim and the accused, and ascertain if the accused knows the alleged victim or not. For a case to be successful, a sex crime lawyer will try to get as much information as possible during the first conversation and this will give an idea as to the evidence the police have in their possession.

So it is best to consult a Virginia sex crimes lawyer so that they can do their best to help the client, and enhance the client’s chances of resolving his case favorably. For example, there is a possibility that the victim is well acquainted with the accused and had fabricated the sexual assault charge. If a Virginia sex crime lawyer suspects this to be true, they may hire a detective to find out the truth.

The importance of hiring a lawyer right at the beginning

The accused should hire a sex crimes lawyer right at the beginning because legal advice is very important at this point. Because the accused could say things that might be used against him in court, thus causing them to get in even deeper trouble. It is very important that the accused stays quiet and does not speak to the police until the lawyer is available.

Criminal process of Virginia sex crimes case:

  1. If a person is accused of a sex crime, they may be charged with an offense that is a presumption against bond offense, especially if it is a felony sex crime or involves sexual activities with a minor. One of the first things that a sex crimes lawyer needs to do is to file a bond motion. The commonwealth attorney’s office will generally oppose bond in felony sex crimes, but with the proper legal representation by an experienced Virginia sex crimes lawyer, the attorney may be able to rebut the presumption and establish that the accused doesn’t pose a threat to public safety and other facts that are in the accused’s favor in order to permit him to be admitted to bond.
  2. Any person charged with a sex crime has the right to a preliminary hearing prior to being indicted by a grand jury except if the charge was brought by direct indictment. In this hearing, the accused shall not plead against any charges and it is the duty of the Commonwealth to prove by probable cause that the alleged crime was committed by the accused.

Mr. Sris is a highly experienced Virginia sex crimes lawyer. He is licensed in Virginia, Maryland, and DC. He has defended sex crimes before the state courts of Virginia and Maryland and the federal courts. C

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