Virginia Speed Offenses and Out Of State Fairfax Lawyer

In the state of Virginia, speed offenses vary depending on if the offense is a normal or reckless one. A normal speeding offense is when the driver exceeds the speed limit by one to 19 miles per hour more. If a driver reaches a speed of 20 miles per mile more than the speed limit then it will be recognized as reckless speeding. Reckless speeding is either the latter case or generally exceeding the speed of 80 miles per hour. A normal speeding ticket will cost $6.00 for every mile driven with a speed above the speed limit and under the condition that the speed doesn’t exceed the speed limit by more than 19 miles per hour.

reckless speeding ticket can cost a fee that may reach but not exceed $2500 and the driver may even face jail time for a period that may reach but not exceed 12 months.

An out of state driver should know the difference between normal speeding tickets and reckless speeding tickets as this will him/her ready for any situation or emergency.

Out of state drivers that are new to Virginia laws and are passing through it need to know the importance of maintaining a speed below 80 miles per hour in all cases and mostly that speed should be 70 miles per hour. This is because most speed limit signs limit car speeds to 70 miles per hour. By exceeding a speed of 70 miles per hour, the driver is risking to get a normal speeding offense if his/her speed was between 70 and 80 miles per hour or having a reckless driving offense if his/her speed was above 80 miles per hour.

All out of state drivers that know that they will drive in the state of Virginia at some point must know about the punishments that follow speeding offenses. A normal speed offense will charge a fine of $6.00 per mile that the driver drove with a speed above the speed limit if the speed is categorized as a normal speeding offense. A reckless driving offense is a class two or class B misdemeanor when it is the first time to get a reckless driving offense and a class one or class A misdemeanor when it is the second time or more. The punishment for a class two or class B misdemeanor reckless driving is a fee that may go up to but not exceed $1000 and/or up to six months of jail time.

There are two different types of speed offenses in Virginia. One is a normal speeding offense and the other is a reckless speeding offense. Each offense costs differently as the cost for reckless driving is much higher. Driving recklessly may additionally cause the driver up to 12 months of jail time. Along the cost of the ticket for a normal speeding offense, there will be a court cost and an increase in the car insurance cost when the next renewing cycle comes.

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