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Most people in Virginia are not aware about how the law has classified the offense of reckless speeding.

Reckless Speeding is classified based on the allowed speed limit, the first kind is traveling at a speed of more than 20 miles per hour, the second kind of speeding is exceeding the limit by 80 miles per hour.

You will be shocked to know that a reckless driving offense has severe penalties and a conviction will result in a criminal record. Furthermore, the conviction will stay on your driver’s record for an eleven-year period.

Reckless driving is a class one misdemeanor and if an individual was convicted for rashly operating vehicle in Virginia, the court imposes one-year imprisonment.

However, it is important to note that for first time offenders, the Virginia law rarely will impose harsh punishment of one-year imprisonment for a first time offense of rashly operating vehicle. Your driving record does most of the talking in rashly operating vehicle cases. If it has no prior rashly operating vehicle charge, you may not be treated harshly by the law.

When an offender fails to have a good vehicle operating history, an actual jail sentence may be ordered by the Judge. Penalties for rashly operating vehicle in Virginia include a maximum fine of $2500. For repeat offenders, the court may impose a fine of $2,500. However, for first time offenders, the courts impose an amount in the range $300 to $1000.

Another penalty that may be imposed on you for reckless driving conviction is a suspended license. The period of suspension may be any period between 10 days to six months. If you have never been charged with rashly operating vehicle you may not know how the demerit point system involved in reckless driving charges.

Demerit points in one’s vehicle operating record generally start with zero. If you have excellent vehicle operating behavior, the points will increase at a rate of plus 1 per every of good vehicle operating behaviour. For every violation of the vehicle operating laws in Virginia, the points will increase negatively. Most offenders are unaware that a reckless driving conviction will stay on your record for eleven years.

Insurance rates are another aspect where a rashly operating vehicle conviction is bound to have a negative impact. Every insurance company has its own rules in fixing prices for an insurance policy. If an insurance company who intends to provide you with coverage finds out about the rashly operating vehicle charge, there is a possibility of the company citing this charge as a basis for increasing the insurance costs.

Some insurance companies have the procedure of canceling one’s insurance policy on coming to know of the reckless driving charge. A reckless driving charge whether a misdemeanor or felony will inevitably remain in your driving record for eleven years. As a result of all this, you should serious consider hiring an attorney. In some instances, the facts of your case may be unfavorable to get an acquittal. In such cases, the attorney you hire should be capable of negotiating for a reduced sentence or even a lesser charge.

There are some factors the courts consider in awarding a reduced sentence or reduced charge. Those factors include maintaining a driving record that does not have major traffic infractions or speeding charges. A popular reckless driving defense is that the driver took this step due to an emergency situation. Anyone who drives in a manner that places another person at risk is considered reckless driving. If one is unable to maintain control of the vehicle, such an act may also been cited as reckless driving. Acts like passing a stopped school bus and racing are also charged as reckless driving offenses.

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