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In Virginia, theft charges are a serious issue.

When you are not able to defend yourself and you are convicted of theft in Virginia, you will never be able to expunge the criminal record. Therefore, you need an Virginia theft attorney who is both capable as well as experienced in handling these types of cases.

Note that when convicted for theft, you may end up being unemployed for the rest of your life. Also, it has far-reaching implications in your personal life.

Seek legal representation immediately so that the VA theft attorney will be able to scrutinize evidences and prepare a strong defense.

Pre-trial discovery is important because the VA pilfering defense attorney will be able to ascertain the strengths of the prosecution and make out if the allegations sync with the criminal charges.

Petit larceny charges in Virginia & Penalties

Petit larceny in Virginia, also known as petty theft, is theft of property less than $200 or less than $5 when stolen directly from another person.

Penalties for Virginia petit larceny include:

  • Up to one-year jail time;
  • Fine of up to $2,500; and
  • Class I misdemeanor criminal record.

There have been many instances in which prosecution have stated incorrect values of the property stolen. This means the accused is at the higher risk of being convicted with higher penalties. Therefore, hiring an experienced VA theft attorney will ensure that your defenses are worked out properly for a lenient punishment.

Grand larceny charges in Virginia and Penalties

  • Stealing property that is worth more than $200 in value or taking property worth more than $5 from an individual is termed as grand larceny in VA. Generally, grand pilfering charges are felonies and if convicted you can end up with serious jail time and financial penalties.

Penalties for Virginia grand larceny include:

  • Minimum one-year in jail which may go up to a maximum of 20 years; and
  • Fine of up to $2,500.
Courts in VA have the discretion to order more lenient sentences, closer to those associated with petit larceny. It all depends on how your attorney handles the case.

Penalties for multiple larceny convictions:

According to the laws in Virginia, for the first time offenders, it would be minimum mandatory sentences. A second larceny conviction, either petit or grand larceny, will carry a minimum sentence of 30 days and up to one year in jail. When convicted for the third time, it becomes a Class 6 misdemeanor and carries a minimum jail sentence of one year.
When charged with theft / larceny in Virginia, make sure to engage a skilled Virginia theft attorney. Knowing the possible defenses and working it out to you favor is the key to winning the case.

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