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What to do if a driver gets a traffic ticket in Virginia?

Firstly, the driver who recieved a VA uniform summons must decide how will he/she plead, whether guilty or not guilty. Then the motorist must act on the court date listed on her/his VA uniform summons. If the offender does not act in time, the court could suspend your driver’s license. If he/she chose to plead guilty then he/she can pay their fee through various ways such as via mail, online, or in person.

How does a driver get a traffic ticket dismissed?

Virginia does not dismiss citations, but it offers “safe drivers points” which removes any demerits that the person might have accumulated during his/her driving record. If a person has a valid driver’s license then he/she can earn safe points in the following two ways:
  • Driving for a year or 365 days without any violations or suspensions; and/or
  • By completing a state-approved driver improvement clinic.
Five points is the highest amount of points that a driver can accumulate.

What if a driver is younger than 18 and gets a traffic ticket?

The individual issues a citation must decide whether he/she will plead guilty or not guilty, but they must make sure that they take action before the court date listed on their citation. If the motorist who recieved a citation is pleading guilty and mails the citation he/she must contain the title “Procedure if Motorist is a Juvenile” signed by their parent or guardian.

Three main penalties following traffic offense convictions are as follows:

  1. Firstly, he/she must complete a driver safety clinic within the time period of 90 days or three months or the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Will suspend the offender from driving until he/she has completed the course and they pay a reinstatement fee;
  2. Secondly, the driving privilege would be suspended for 90 days by the DMV; and
  3. And lastly, their driving privilege would be revoked for a year or maybe even until he/she reaches 18 years of age.

What happens if the judge finds the driver guilty?

There are several driving consequences that the motorist must face if he/she is found guilty by the judge, which are additional to the court fees that they have paid. These consequences are as follows:
  • The traffic fee must be paid by the traffic ticket violator;
  • Demerit points are added to the violator’s record depending on the violation;
  • They could possibly be ordered to take a motorist improvement clinic; and/or
  • Their driving privileges could be taken away, depending on their violation.

What happens if the judge finds the driver not guilty?

If the traffic ticket violator is found to be not guilty by the judge, then he/she won’t have to pay any citation fee but will have to pay any court fees and/or legal fees (if they hired a lawyer). The ticket could still be added to the violator’s driving record and could make their insurance rate increase, so the traffic ticket violator must double-check his/her record.

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