I Want A Lawyer-Tell Police Virginia Maryland DC-I Want My Lawyer

The biggest apprehension when a cop approaches you is that you may be forced to incriminate yourself. Well, that is a possibility if you do not know the magic words!

What are the most important magic phrases that should stop the police officer from questioning you further? The first thing you need to ask is “Am I free to go?”

“Am I free to go?” or “Am I being detained?”

No matter what the charges are, you can ask these two questions. If the cops haven’t found anything suspicious, there would be no point in detaining you. Then, they should let you go free. But if you are not allowed to leave the place, it means they have detained you as a suspect and would most probably try to get you to self-incriminate.

“I do not consent to any searches.”

Never let the cops search your vehicle or home that easily. Make your stand clear: “I do not consent to any searches.” You never know what the cops will find in your possession if you allow them. There are chances that a friend may have dropped aillegal drug in your car or have left an unlicensed pistol in your home. It doesn’t matter if you are innocent or not, never consent to police search easily.

“I want to remain silent.”

Remember that the cops have their own ways of trying to get an incriminating statement from you. Therefore, maintain this stand, “I want to remain silent.” And you have every right to remain silent.

“I want a lawyer.”

Finally, use these magic words “I want a lawyer.” The law allows you to have a lawyer so make use of it.

After all, it is your freedom and reputation at stake!

The cops are bound to stop the interrogation immediately if you clearly request a lawyer. The tip here is making your request explicit. Never go in for “Should I get a lawyer?” or “Do I need a lawyer?”

Never leave any room for doubt. Make your demand for a lawyer immediately when police want to talk to you.

So, the point here is to simply refuse to answer any questions or talk with the police without your lawyer.

Again, use the magic words:





These are your constitutional rights. Learn to use them before it is too late. Then call our law offices for help at 888-437-7747. Speak to an experienced criminal lawyer in Virginia, Maryland Or DC. C