When Can I Stop Paying Child Support In Maryland Montgomery Attorney?

In situations where the child’s parents are divorced, separated, or never married at all, one parent may be having physical custody more than the other parent and hence the court of Maryland obligates the noncustodial parent to provide child support payments to the custodial parent so that the child’s expenses will be fulfilled. The law of Maryland requires the guardian to continue to pay child support until the child reaches 18 or 19 years of age, or the child graduates high school.

The law previously obligated guardian to pay kiddie support until the minor turned 21 years of age or until the minor graduated college, but the legislation was unsuccessful. Another statute that the court obligated but also failed, was that guardians were supposed to provide kiddie support payments involving their child’s education costs in addition to paying support during his or her college years. The present law regarding child support, compels the guardians to provide juvenile maintenance payments until the child reaches the age of 19 or graduates high school. However, the caretakers and the minor can agree on their own terms, such as paying the minor’s college fees and a judge can enforce the agreement. Nevertheless, the court does not obligate the guardians to pay juvenile maintenance past the age of 19 or high school gradation.

In Maryland, a guardian can terminate his or her juvenile maintenance payment if the minor emancipates. The caretaker can inform the state that her or she is no longer obligated to pay juvenile maintenance. It depends on the custodial guardian of the minor, whether he or she argues or agrees with the termination of juvenile maintenance. If the custodial guardian agrees, then the noncustodial parent may not take further action, but speak with a lawyer for reassurance. Otherwise, the noncustodial guardian may have to file a motion with the court to decide if the minor is emancipated, in the case that the custodial disagrees about terminating the juvenile maintenance payments. If the guardian is paying juvenile maintenance for other children as well, then the guardian may ask to reduce the amount of payments as now the guardian is paying expenses for a less number of children.

Nevertheless, a parent in Maryland may be required to resume to provide child support payments even if the child passes the age of 18 or 19, these situations include the following:

  • If the minor is mentally or physically incapacitated and hence he or she is unable to live independently and be financially stable. The juvenile support may last for as long as the juvenile requires it.
  • If the minor get marries.
  • If the minor moves out of the house of the custodial parent.

In Maryland, other cases may stop the parent from paying juvenile maintenance before he or she reaches the age of 18 or 19 include that if the minor joins military before graduating high school, the parent no longer has obligations to pay juvenile maintenance. Thenceforth, the parent can file a motion and present the case to the court that his or her minor is emancipated and so the parent’s support is not needed.

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