Child Visitation Law In Maryland Montgomery Lawyer

In the state of Maryland, the parents are free to come up with their own visitation schedule or they can hire a lawyer to assist them with working out a visitation schedule and thus the parents are not obligated to file a petition with the court regarding the visitation schedule with their child.

It is important for the parent who is creating a child visitation plan to be familiarized with the law regarding child custody and visitation, of the state of Maryland. The family law in Maryland is complex and difficult. The court of the state of Maryland uses three combinations to decide upon visitation schedules for the parents, the three combinations include the Maryland Code, the Maryland Court rules, and Maryland case law. When learning about the state law, the parent will have a vision of what it is like and it can help him or her during the court hearing.

The court of Maryland does not priorities either the mother or the father of the child, both the parents have an equal right to be awarded visitation, as they are both the legal custodians of the child. Unless one of the parents is reasoned to be unfit to take care of the child and will affect the child in a bad way, for instance, if the parent is a substance abuser or has physically or sexually abused the child.

Nevertheless, the state of Maryland has no standard visitation schedule when deciding visitation, but the court uses some guidelines when determining a visitation schedule for a parent. However, the non-custodial parent of the child will usually be granted visitation with his or her child, unless if the visitation is not in the best interest of the child.

It is recommended that the parents consult one another when creating a visitation schedule as it is in the best interest of the child that his or her parents work together to come to mutual agreements. However, if the parents are unable to come to agreements, the parents can go through mediation to help them to work together in the sake of their child or the visitation schedule can be made by the court of Maryland in the best interest of the child.

For the parent to insure that the court would allow his or her visitation schedule, the parent must include the following features in his or her visitation plan:

  • A regular residential arrangement that declares the amount of time that the child will be spending with the parent on a daily basis. The resident arrangement must correspond with the type of custody that the parent has over the child.
  • A holiday schedule that includes who the child will be residing with during each holiday. The parents may alter holidays each year or divide holidays with the child. The schedule must include holidays such as Mother’s day, Father’s day, the child’s birthday, each parent’s birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and any other related holidays regarding the parents and the child.
  • A vacation schedule that allows the child to spend time with the parent during the vacations taken. The date of the vacation isn’t required to be stated as the date may vary.

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