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Marital abuse can turn marriage into hell. Both physical and emotional abuse has the same impact on one’s state of mind. While physical abuse can cause severe pain and suffering, continuous emotional abuse can irreversibly damage your state of mind and your confidence level will severely deteriorate. The good news is that you do not have to endure such cruelty. You can find an end to your suffering by contacting the reputed Spotsylvania VA divorce lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C.

Speaking to skilled Spotsylvania lawyers in VA will provide you the understanding that cruelty is one of the grounds for divorce in VA. If you were emotionally abused during your marriage, your Spotsylvania lawyer will explain the applicable VA statutes and how to proceed with the divorce. Well-seasoned lawyers have the skill to help you get a favorable divorce order. Obtaining a favorable divorce order is more important to positively move on after a failed relationship.

On consulting a family law lawyer in Spotsylvania VA, you will realize that abuse is a common reason for divorce. Unfortunately, the abuse may continue even after a spouse leaves an abusive spouse. In some cases, abuse continues throughout the divorce proceeding, say Spotsylvania VA lawyers. Emotional abuse may not leave visible scars, but it can be just as damaging as physical aggression. Emotional cruelty results in such emotional pain that the sufferer cannot live anymore with the other spouse. If there is a pattern of any form of abuse in a marriage, that is certainly a valid reason to walk away from a marriage. Staying in a chronically abusive relationship is not healthy, and it results in emotional insecurity in VA.

The family law lawyers in Spotsylvania VA are aware of how mental cruelty caused by physical abuse is a strong ground for divorce. The lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. have won favorable divorce orders for several clients in Spotsylvania on the grounds of physical abuse and mental suffering. Due to the vast experience, our lawyers have gained in the field we know how the facts should be presented in the Spotsylvania VA divorce complaint. If you have been a silent victim of domestic abuse, physical or mental, it is time to take the crucial decision of divorce in Spotsylvania VA. How does one decide whether the time has come to terminate the marriage? The answer varies based on the facts and circumstances of each case. When a spouse is unable to put up with the physical and mental torture inflicted then it is high time to end the toxic relationship. The Spotsylvania VA divorce with abuse notion is both complex and controversial. Due to several factors involved, it is advisable to consult with our trustworthy Spotsylvania VA lawyers to explore the multifarious divorce options.

Abuse Caused By Insecurity

One of the most common grounds for cruelty-based VA divorce is a marital relationship overwhelmed by the insecure state of mind of one of the spouses. If you are inflicted with torture due to an insecure spouse, you should speak to the skilled Spotsylvania VA lawyers. Our lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C., will analyze your case thoroughly to understand what facts can serve as a valid ground for VA Spotsylvania divorce.

In an abusive marital relationship, the abuser leads you to isolation, disconnecting you from the outer world. The Spotsylvania lawyers in VA will make a thorough analysis as to whether the conduct is beyond mere jealousy, selfishness, possessiveness, unhappiness, or dissatisfaction. If the spouse’s behavior of causing emotional pain is addictive and severely damaging, the Spotsylvania lawyers in VA will conclude that your case is valid for VA divorce.

Emotional abuse can be just as destructive as physical violence, speaking to your divorce lawyers in Spotsylvania VA is the first step to end the emotional abuse and obtaining a favorable divorce.

Jealousy Can Be Caused By A Spouse’s Career Growth

The lawyers in Spotsylvania VA have been increasingly seeing cases where divorce is filed due to disparity in the career growth of the spouses. As women’s participation in the workplace has increased tremendously, there are several cases caused by the men’s intolerance to women’s growth in their career, say Virginia lawyers. As VA women have established a professional career of their own, men seem to have lost their identity and struggle to impose their domination. The abuser attempts to establish superiority over the other and tries and controls all financial decisions and other major decisions which make it difficult to live with the other spouse any longer. The challenge in such divorces in Spotsylvania VA is establishing that mental cruelty was caused due to the spouse’s attitude. The skilled Spotsylvania VA lawyers will advise you on how to gather relevant proof before you walk out of the marriage. Be cautious and talk to the reputed Spotsylvania divorce lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C.

Can Sexual Torture Be Considered A Ground For Divorce?

Sexually harassing one’s spouse can also constitute cruelty for a valid VA divorce, say Spotsylvania lawyers. Marital rape though difficult to prove can be included as an essential part of the Spotsylvania VA divorce complaint if you have hired experienced Spotsylvania lawyers. The right to cohabit with the spouse is a common defense taken by spouses alleged with marital rape or forced sex. However, skilled Spotsylvania VA lawyers will look for other factors to show that the spouse had established her disapproval of the relationship but had been compelled to cohabit. One of the common incidents that can occur in a marital relationship is that due to disagreements, one of the spouses may not want to have an intimate relationship while the other spouse may insist on the same. In such circumstances, if the disapproving spouse had registered his/her unwillingness in some manner, the Spotsylvania VA case will be a strong case based on sexual cruelty. If you are in such an unfortunate situation, then you should consult the adept Spotsylvania VA lawyers for quick solutions. In these circumstances, frank disclosures to the Spotsylvania lawyers you retain for your case can provide you appropriate results. The Spotsylvania lawyers know from their wide experience in such cases that mere stray instances cannot be a valid ground for cruelty-based divorce, the cruelty inflicted should be continuously accompanied by physical violence. These are the factors the Spotsylvania lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. look for in the cruelty-based cases clients bring to them.

Can Frequent Verbal Abuse Based On Spouse’s Appearance Constitute Cruelty?

Yes, it can!! The Spotsylvania VA courts have examined the validity of mental cruelty as a ground for VA divorce and have held that single instances can never constitute cruelty.

The cruel behavior should be a pattern that has lasted for a substantial period of time. The Spotsylvania VA lawyers have been consulted for several cases where one spouse inflicts verbal abuse on the other based on appearances.

VA - MD Divorce Lawyer

Such degrading comments have the long-term effect of deteriorating one’s confidence. The abusing spouse’s unjustifiable conduct and behavior can affect you physically and mentally. On approaching the Spotsylvania lawyers about the abuse-based facts of your case, you will be informed that you have a valid ground for a VA divorce if your case also involved violence. For the Spotsylvania lawyers to frame a winning VA divorce complaint, you should provide all related facts without any vagueness.

You are lucky if you seek the advice of skilled Spotsylvania lawyers. Such lawyers will ensure you obtain a divorce order and no longer have to bear the grave, substantial and weighty indecent words inflicted on you by your spouse. Being victimized by degrading comments can be extremely detrimental. The possibility of causing long-term psychological harm allows the courts to grant a divorce in Spotsylvania VA on these grounds. The Spotsylvania lawyers you hire for your VA case will relentlessly argue that you have suffered severe mental trauma due to verbal abuse.

Offensive behavior towards you may leave you embarrassed, shaken, or fearful to even report that you have been emotionally injured, say Spotsylvania VA lawyers. In some VA cases, the behavior and resulting emotional damage may be so severe that it constitutes a winning ground for a Spotsylvania VA divorce. However, a physical injury should accompany the emotional one, and it is essential to prove all the necessary elements. Among other factors, the Spotsylvania VA lawyers take all steps to demonstrate that the verbal abuse was so extreme and outrageous that it is unethical legally and emotionally.

What Kind Of Conduct Is Considered Extreme?

One of the fundamental issues to file for a divorce based on emotional abuse and suffering is recognizing outrageous and extreme conduct, say Spotsylvania VA lawyers. Outrageous and extreme conduct is more than harmful, destructive, or offensive act. To find out whether the abusive conduct of your spouse fulfills the required level of extremity to grant a VA divorce, speak to the Spotsylvania VA lawyer.

The adept Spotsylvania VA lawyers you contact about your case will elucidate for any conduct to be viewed as outrageous and extreme, it has to exceed all the normal limits of decorousness. For instance, if one spouse insults the other in the presence of others and knowingly degrades his/her, in such a manner that she loses her sense of confidence, it is considered extreme verbal abuse. The Spotsylvania VA lawyers you consult for your case will analyze whether these threats of serious misconduct impair your mental health or permanently destroy your happiness.

Being victimized by degrading comments can be awful and causes emotional pain, say Spotsylvania VA lawyers. Emotional distress can become overwhelming and will affect your overall progress in life. If you want to end your suffering, you should seek the assistance of an experienced divorce lawyer. Our divorce lawyer will provide you with a number of informed options so that you can determine how to proceed with your cruelty-based divorce. Before proceeding with a cruelty-based divorce, it is important to understand the implications of emotional abuse.

Is Proving Emotional Abuse Challenging?

Emotional abuse in divorce is challenging for a Spotsylvania VA lawyer to prove. One must prove that their spouse acted with the intent to inflict emotional abuse or knowing that severe emotional pain will be caused. These can be carefully proven with detailed accounts and proof of excessive physical and mental abuse toward a spouse. With the support of resourceful Spotsylvania VA lawyers; a spouse can be held responsible for pain and suffering. If cruelty is effectively proved by your knowledgeable Spotsylvania VA lawyers, then you do not have to pay alimony. Your Spotsylvania lawyers will also inform you that the possibility of winning custody is high if mental abuse is proved.

Understanding The Techniques Of Gathering Evidence

The skilled Spotsylvania VA divorce lawyers will provide you guidance on how to track proof of abuse during the time you were married. There are cases where the cruelty continues even during the divorce process, necessitating protective orders. Your Spotsylvania VA lawyers will tell you whether your case is a fit case to obtain a protective order and how the same can be obtained.

In some cases you may already have a restraining order against your abuser, forbidding all contact with you. If he or she continues to contact you, keep a record of these restraining order violations and report them. Even if you do not have a restraining order against your abusive spouse, make sure you are keeping copies of any emotionally abusive text messages, emails, letters, or phone calls. This information can help your Spotsylvania divorce lawyer in building a winning strategy for your divorce.

The Spotsylvania divorce lawyers will tell you that such text messages, videos, photographs account as valid proof against your spouse’s violent activities and helps you have a winning edge in your divorce process. The divorce lawyers in Spotsylvania can help a client identify evidence that may be useful in court. Emotional abuse during a divorce largely influences the outcome of the divorce. It principally affects the property division, spousal support, and custody support. The court will take the record of abuse into account when dividing assets and considering a spousal support arrangement.

Abuse and Child Custody

If you and your spouse have any children in your marriage, the Spotsylvania VA divorce process will also address the custody of your children. In cases where there is a record of abuse by one parent, the other parent characteristically has a significant advantage if he or she wishes to obtain primary or sole custody. A Spotsylvania judge will consider the best interest of the children and the behavior of each parent is an extremely important factor. The records and the proof you keep of any abusive behavior your spouse exhibits, either towards you or your children can be used to help your Spotsylvania VA lawyers prepare for the custody part of your case. The efficient Spotsylvania VA lawyers will expertly present this evidence to a judge and gathering it will help you obtain the custody you seek.

The Spotsylvania VA lawyers will tell you that proof of abuse committed by a parent is always at his disadvantage in custody cases. The VA courts take child abuse accusations very gravely. Our Spotsylvania VA divorce lawyers will guide you with the necessary steps to file for custody as part of your divorce case. Also, in cases involving cruelty, the Spotsylvania VA lawyers will preliminarily file for temporary custody which is generally granted in your favor.

At any time if abuse is implicated in a marriage, the divorce invariably becomes more complicated -emotionally and legally. Another important aspect connected with mental cruelty is constructive desertion. If your lawyers are unable to identify sufficient grounds for a cruelty-based divorce, they will proceed with filing for divorce based on constructive desertion. In constructive desertion, the lawyers will frame strategies to prove that the mental cruelty and neglect of the spouse caused the other spouse to desert the marriage and the divorce should be granted based on constructive desertion.

VA law is still evolving about mental cruelty by itself being a separate ground for divorce. The lawyer you consult for your VA divorce case will inform you about what is the most appropriate ground for your divorce. The divorce lawyers in Spotsylvania VA are aware that the decision to terminate your marriage can be quite a difficult one. Most people prefer living with the wrong spouse instead of taking the divorce decision. This is the wrong attitude. In abusive marriages, taking the marriage dissolution decision should be quickly done, the sooner the better. If you have decided to proceed with marriage termination, contact the divorce lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C., and discuss your VA case with our divorce lawyers. Our lawyers have handled several VA divorce cases like yours and will provide quick solutions to you too. You may have married the wrong person that does not mean you should remain married to such a person. There is a way out but it is for you to decide.

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