Do I Need an Injury Attorney in Virginia Fairfax Attorney

When you have an accident and you get injured, you have the choice of dealing with it on your own or hiring a lawyer. However, it may become a difficult task to deal with it on your own and a false move might damage your personal case. Personal injury attorneys are aware of the law and your legal rights; therefore, they will make sure you will get the greatest financial compensation achievable.

Why do you need a personal injury attorney? A Virginia personal injury attorney knows how to handle the case through the complex legal field and will make sure that you will not damage irreversibly your case by doing a wrong move that can harm you. In the easiest of cases, dealing with it on your own may seem as more reasonable at first, but when you get injured, complications may arise very quickly, and it can be a great idea to ask a lawyer for advice on how to act.

All states have a limit on the amount of time you wait before starting a personal injury lawsuit. For personal injuries, Virginia has a time limit of two years from the accident. Once this time frame has passed it is exceptionally difficult, mainly impossible to start a personal injury lawsuit. When you and another driver are involved in a car accident, investigations determine which party was at fault. However, the fault is commonly shared among the two drivers; rarely a single driver is completely blamed for the accident. Virginia runs on one of the strictest fault laws called contributory negligence. This means that if you were to have any fault, even a minimal percentage, the other driver will not compensate you for any damage caused. Examples may include:

  • If you got hit by another driver while already in an accident;
  • If you were speeding and found with a ten percent fault at the end; and
  • You will not receive any compensation even if the other person was 90% at fault.

Your personal injury attorney can advise you and inform you about what role Virginia’s law will have in your case. If you are contacted by an insurance agency and they want to give you information or offering a settlement. You should constantly keep in mind that insurance agencies and any other parties responsible for your injury are not concerned about your best interest. A personal injury lawyer in Virginia is mainly worried about representing your interests and focused on fixing damage to protect his or her clients.

In conclusion, you are not required to hire a personal injury attorney in Virginia, but it will make the process easier and more reliable. An attorney will help you to get the most financial compensation while you focus on your health and recover from the accident. You should interview several attorneys to ensure that you find the most suitable for your needs. He or she should have some expertise on how to deal with personal injuries.

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