Do I Need To Report A Car Accident In Maryland Montgomery Attorney

The majority of car accidents today are just minor fender benders in which there is little to no property damage and no individual got hurt, moreover, these minor accidents are nearly all rear-end collisions, however, thanks to the rise in car manufacturing technology; it will take a considerable hit in order to do any serious property damage. Likewise, despite the property damage in minor accidents being just small scrapes and scratches, individuals can still suffer extensive injuries even in minor car accidents.

Thus for car accidents in Maryland, one of the most common questions is; if people need to report car accidents to the police or the car insurance companies?

Maryland law on reporting car accidents: in the event of a car accident in the state of Maryland, you do not have to report the car accident to the law-enforcement. However, there are 6 circumstances that if they happen, then you are required to report the accident to the police and they are:

  1. A driver is not licensed
  2. An automobile needs to be towed
  3. A driver in the accident is drunk
  4. A passenger in one of the vehicles is injured
  5. A driver flees the scene of the accident, and
  6. A driver refuses to exchange contact and insurance information

Therefore, even though you are not required to report the car accident by law in Maryland State if one of the above mentions circumstances happened, a big number of Maryland motorist still report the accident regardless to the law enforcement. If you are wondering why? Well, the answer is simple. If the accident has some property damage, there is the possibility of a liability disagreement which will include issues such as if there even was an accident, if this happens then you will want to have documented proof that the collision did happen, so you and your insurance firm are prepared to argue that the other motorist was at fault for the collision. Moreover, if you involve the law enforcement there is the possibility that they will not write up a full police report but rather likely do report that is called an exchange of information which either way achieves your goal of proving that the collision happened.

On the other hand, regarding reporting you accident to car insurance companies, well most major automobile insurance policies such as those from Allstate, State Farm and GEICO do require you to report whichever automobile accident that involves you. Furthermore, if your car accident in Maryland has no-fault what so ever with you, then there is little to no reason for you not to report the automobile collision to your insurance firm.

Overall to summarize this information, the State of Maryland does not require you to report a car accident unless special circumstances are involved, however, it does not cover insurance companies, which means you will need to report all car accidents to them.

You are not required to notify the at-fault insurance company of a claim. You are also not obligated to — nor should you — talk to them without speaking to a lawyer first.

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