Do I Need to Report a Car Accident in Virginia Fairfax Attorney

A car is a vehicle with an engine that can be driven on a street or road. A car accident is a point at which a car crashes into another car or collides into an individual. Car accidents in the state of Virginia are more complex than the vast majority often thinks. There are certain rules that everyone must follow, these rules mostly include the steps that must be done when a car accident occurs.

At the point when an individual is associated with a car accident, he/she will initially need to demonstrate that the opposing driver or individual is the reason for the accident. This implies the plaintiff party must demonstrate that he/she was following every single rule given out on guidelines but then the other individual caused the car accident because of him ignoring one of the rules. This demonstration is done to a court of law. An offended party is an individual who records the case in a courtroom.

The law in the state of Virginia also states that a person must report a car accident if the event or incident caused a personal injury, personal property or vehicle which may include another car was injured or a person’s death. Virginia law also implies that failing to report a car accident is a criminal liability in which the person who failed to report the event or incident will be convicted in a court of law.

The person must report certain things to a law agency. These include:

  • The location and time of the car accident;
  • The person’s name, address, etc;
  • The person’s driving license’s number;
  • The people involved in the accident if that person is able to do so; and
  • The owner of the property damaged if any.

If the person who reports the accident is involved in the accident itself, the law agency has the right to ask for car insurance proof if the damage caused costs more than $1000 if the damage is caused to a personal property which may include property such as a motor vehicle.

Virginia law also forces a person reporting a car accident to assist the involved people in any way possible even if he/ she was one of the people involved in the car accident. This law is forced if the person is able to move without injury.

The assistance required may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Calling for an ambulance if need be; and
  • Taking the people involved in the car accident to a medical facility if need be.

In the state of Virginia, the law implies that certain types of punishments are forced upon people who fail to report a car accident depending on if the case is recognized as a felony or a misdemeanor. The case is a felony of class five if there is personal injury or the damage caused costs more than $1000. The punishment, in this case, is imprisonment for a period of time that ranges from one to ten years. The case is considered as a misdemeanor of class one or A if there is no personal injury and the damage to a personal property costs less than $1000. In this case, the punishment is a period of time in jail that may not exceed one year and a fine that may exceed $2500.

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