How Long Do I Have To File A Car Accident Lawsuit In Maryland Montgomery Attorney

If an individual is involved in a car accident in Maryland, then they have to be ready to act sensibly and in agreement with Maryland law. There are a number of specific requirements and individual has to follow when they have been in a car collision and they are:

Not leaving the scene of the accident: an individual should never vacate the scene of the accident. This is important because not only should they provide any needed assistance following the motor collision but leaving the scene of the accident will result in either their licenses being suspended or lose their driving privileges

On the other hand, if an individual was not part of the accident but was a witness then they have to the driver as close as possible to the accident without hindering traffic and then measure the situation out without panicking along with avoiding any potential dangers caused by the accident. After this, the individual(s) should notify emergency services such as the police and call for medical assistance

Exchanging information: the individuals who were involved in the accident should exchange information such as insurance information, the license plate numbers of the involved vehicles, driver, license information and other contact details. Furthermore, it will help if the individuals also took a few pictures of the scene of the accident. Additionally, if an unattended vehicle was part of the accident then the individual must work to find the car owner and if they can’t, then they should leave their contact details.

Reporting your car accident: an individual should report their car accident to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration or MVA in case there were no police officers present at the scene of the crime, moreover, the individual has a deadline of 15 days to report the accident.

Maryland motor insurance laws: every individual needs to have every one of these car insurances in Maryland and they are:

  1. Liability insurance
  2. Uninsured/ underinsured motor insurance
  3. Personal Injury Protection or PIP insurance

Furthermore, on top of these insurances, an individual must also meet the minimum monetary limit for these insurances such as the PIP requiring a minimum liability of $2,500 while the liability and Uninsured/ underinsured motor insurance require a $60,000 for injury or death of 2 or more people, $30,000 for Injury or death of 1 person and $15,000 for property destruction. If an individual does not meet these requirements they can have their drivers’ license suspended or incur a fine.

Deadline for filing a car accident lawsuit: in Maryland, an individual has a deadline of 3 years for filing a case for personal property and personal injury. Moreover, in the case that an individual is seeking to take legal action the government in Maryland then they have a deadline of 1 year to file their case, in addition the deadline clock starts counting down from the date of the accident and if an individual does not file their case before the deadline expires then they will have their case dismissed from a court hearing.

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