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Any driver that has a license issued by the state of Virginia is vulnerable to Virginia’s Demerit Point System. This negative rating system indicates the behavior of a driver throughout the years. If a person goes through one full year without a ticket then he/she will receive a positive point as a return to his/her good driving. Driving violations will be punished along fines and jail time by giving the driver negative negative rating on his Virginia’s Negative Rating System record. The amount of negative demerits given depends on the reason for the ticket issued by the official.

general uniform summons will have three to four negative rating along it. Three negative rating are issued when the convicted driver exceeds the speed limit assigned on the road by one mile per hour to nine miles per hour. This means that for example, the speed limit on a certain highway is 65 miles per hour and yet the driver drives his/her vehicle with a speed that may range from 66 miles per hour to 74 miles per hour.

In this case, three defect points are given. Four defect points are given when the convicted person drives with a speed exceeding the posted sign limit by 10 miles per hour to 19 miles per hour. For example, the posted sign limit is 60 miles per hour and yet the person drives his/her vehicle with a speed ranging from 70 miles per hour to 79 miles per hour. The events mentioned above aren’t considered reckless driving which shows why they are not awarded many demerits.

A reckless driving ticket will have more demerits issued along with it. Six negative rating are given to both ways which are considered as reckless driving. One way is when the person exceeds the speed of 80 miles per hour with his vehicle. In this case, six demerits are awarded against the convicted person which is also the case in a second way. The second way which is considered as reckless driving is when a person exceeds the posted time limit by 20 miles per hour or more. Like the former case, six demerits are awarded against the convicted driver.

Along with a uniform summons which ranges from three to six points, insurance companies also issue their own rating system to know how to deal with convicted drivers.

Positive points on a driver’s Virginia’s Demerit Point System can be given to award well-behaved drivers. A driver can earn a maximum of five positive points within two years. This is done so when these well-behaved drivers face speeding problems unintentionally, the bonus points will cancel out the demerits. A driver can get the five positive points by taking a driving course.

In the state of Virginia, demerits are given along uniform summons. The values of these demerits depend on the seriousness of the reason for the uniform summons. If the ticket was for reckless driving then six demerits will be issued. If the case isn’t reckless then either three or four demerits are given depending on the difference between the speed limit and the speed of the vehicle.

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