How Much Does A Divorce Cost Maryland Average Cost Divorce Rockville

The cost of a divorce in Maryland can be cut down to as little as $2,000 plus court fees or as much as $28,000. The cost depends on many factors and usually, the more complex a divorce is the more expensive it will be. If both spouses come to an agreement easily then the cost will fall dramatically in comparison to couples who have more complicated issues to sort out.

On average the cost of a divorce in Maryland is $14,000. Around $11,000 of this goes to a divorce attorney. This is because the average hourly rate for an attorney in Maryland is $270. The attorney’s hourly rate along with the expense of any paralegals, firm staff and time spent working on the divorce case will contribute to how much will be paid to an attorney in a divorce case. Other costs include fees for things like court filings, the cost of copying and sharing documents and fees for any expert witnesses and consultants such as child custody evaluators.

The least expensive dissolution of marriage in Maryland is usually when the two spouses file for a joint petition for an uncontested separation where no minor children are involved. The filing fee in Maryland differs within each county, however, the same type of expenses should be considered regardless of which county the couple is filing for a dissolution of marriage in.

To prepare a joint petition in an uncontested dissolution of marriage, the couple must file a written agreement to the court for approval. This may cover issues such as the payment of shared debt and division of marital property. Some couples do this without the help of a lawyer thus cutting down on cost. If one spouse is filing for a petition for dissolution of marriage against another spouse and the party filing for dissolution of marriage is unwilling to present the other party with a copy then there will be an expense. Also, an additional fee will be charged when processing this paperwork.

In Maryland, having minor children is the major factor which increases dissolution of marriage price. On average a dissolution of marriage which involves issues such as child support or child custody, usually turn out to be twice as expensive. According to a survey, dissolution of marriage where minor children are involved usually cost $21,000. In order to prevent these high prices, both spouses are advised to come to an agreement on any decisions regarding children. This will cut down on the time an attorney and judge spends on a dissolution of marriage case.

Also divorces in Maryland which involve the division of marital property will be higher than the average price of a dissolve bonds of matrimony. This is particularly common among high net worth couples or couples who rather than settling these issues themselves turn to the court to settle it for them. The overall cost of dissolve bonds of matrimony may increase due to this factor because it means the dissolve bonds of matrimony will take up more of the attorneys and courts time. This is mainly due to the fact that property division is time-consuming and requests going through a lot of documents.

Whether or not minor children are involved, disputes over alimony also significantly increase the cost of a divorce. On average divorces involving alimony, disputes cost around $19,300 in Maryland. Spouses often disagree on how much the non-working spouse will be able to earn. In order to settle this dispute, more time from the attorneys and court is required which results in a higher divorce cost.

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