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Recent surveys showed that the ordinary divorce in Virginia costs about $14,500 along with $11,500 in legal fees. Due to the hourly rate of $350, lawyer fees make up a large piece of the divorce costs. This is because you have to take into account your lawyer hourly fees along with any other legal staff fees on top of how much time is spent on your case.

Moreover, other expenses such as copying and sharing document costs, court filings, consultants for child custody among others also factor in the price.

There are a number of factors that can increase the price of your divorce and they are:

Having minor children: this is the most expensive category for divorce costs in VA because the price of a divorce that involves children can be up to 50% more expensive than normal divorces. The survey shows that with minor kids involved your divorce will cost up to $21,900 along with lawyer fees being at $18,400. However, if a spouse can reach a settlement before trial than the price significantly lowers and therefore the divorce costs less also.

Alimony dispute: even if minor kids are not involved, a dispute with alimony will cost more than the average divorce. Therefore since in alimony disputes, couples tend to frequently disagree on how much the working and non-working spouse earns, the cost of such divorce in VA can reach up to $21,000 along with $16,700 in lawyer fees.

It is important to keep in mind that reaching a settlement or even arranging a trial in these types of situations can be quite costly due to hiring vocational analysts and financial experts along with reviewing their opinions. Moreover, it is important to state that spouses will more often demand more alimony which will result in the other spouse fighting the demand which results in a more expensive divorce and will only increase the cost substantially.

Property division issues: when it comes to divorces that have property division issues, they will without a doubt always be more expensive than the average divorce. This particularly goes to the couples that have a high net worth and the couples who straightaway go to trial to settle their issues instead of settling them out of court. The survey shows that these type of divorces in VA can cost over $20,500 in addition to $16,700 in lawyer fees.

Couples with multiple cars, houses, accounts (savings, brokerages, and retirement) will always spend more on a divorce because they will need more financial analyses from lawyers, tax experts, and appraisers. All of these services will result in a substantial increase in cost.

Furthermore, there is the possibility of attempting to do the dissolution of marriage by self-representation; however, without a doubt, the costs will be higher in not just money but also in time, irritation and unintended consequences. This is probably due to you trying to retrace your steps in filing the correct court papers along with most likely downloading unacceptable court forms online. Thus it is recommended to disregard any online lawyer-lite dissolution of marriage along with self-representation and seek professional counsel with real VA family law lawyers, who will either charge you by the case or by the hour

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