How Much Is My Virginia Car Accident Case Worth In VA Fairfax Lawyer

In Virginia, there are a lot of people who have been in vehicle accidents whether it was a motorcycle, truck, and car or even just as a pedestrian and thus they always want to know how much is their case really worth.

When it comes to measuring the amount of money that is to be awarded to an individual who was injured by the carelessness of another, the lawful term “Damages” is used in Virginia. As such providing proof of the damages is a vital part in proving your case. However, if no proof is provided to the legal authorities then the person issuing the case will not have a claim for compensation.

Moreover, most car owners in Virginia purchase the Liability Insurance which pays for the costs of damages in an accident. Moreover, there are three minimum liability limits that a motorist in Virginia must carry and they are:

  • $20,000 for Property Damage
  • $25,000 for Injury or death of 1 individual
  • $50,000 for injury or death of 2 or more individuals

Additionally, other insurance coverage in Virginia includes:

UM or Uninsured Motorists Coverage – this grants you protection for property damage and bodily harm in a hit-and-run driver and an uninsured drivers

UIM or Underinsured motorist Coverage – this protects you against any injury by a motorist whose Liability Limits is not enough to pay your costs.

Likewise, Virginia identifies a number of damage classifications. A prime example is “compensatory damages” which is used to pay for the individual who was injured in a car accident.

This compensatory damage(s) has three straightforward mechanisms and they are:

  • Mental and physical anguish that occurred as a result of the accident such as emotional grief and awareness of injuries.
  • The loss of salary along with the loss of any future income capacity which include loss of valuable time and any injury that hinders your ability to work.
  • Finally, any medical costs sustained as a result of the accident along with along with other expenses that can be sustained from the injury in the future.

Furthermore, besides the compensatory damages, the state of Virginia allows the use of punitive damages. Punitive damages work differently than compensatory damages because the purpose of punitive damages is not to reimburse the individual for loss but instead are awarded to punish “deliberate or malicious” bad conduct, or irresponsibility on the driver at fault to prevent him or her from doing so again. But, in ordinary cases of car accidents, punitive damages will not be available because in order to seek punitive damages you must prove that the at fault driver`s behavior was deliberate or malicious. Moreover, punitive damages in the state of Virginia can reach $350,000.

In addition to these charges, an individual can also seek to be reimbursed for property damages as well. Likewise, since there isn`t exactly a calculator to measure your cases worth, other factors that can impact the value of your case have to be evaluated such as was the driver intoxicated? Or was the driver texting? Others can include the severity of the damages to your property and the severity of your injuries among others.

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