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Trying to answer a question such as “HOW MUCH IS YOUR PERSONAL INJURY CASE WORTH” can be quite difficult from the start of the accident that caused your personal injuries because frequently after an accident, the victim will immediately pursue medical treatment and attention in order to determine the severity of their injuries. However, due to the unpredictability of the human body in terms of healing along with reacting to the injury, it is regularly unknown to exactly determine the level of medical treatment needed for the injuries from the accident. Moreover, since medical care and treatment play a huge portion in the cost of a personal injury case, the cost of a PI charge is usually identified after the end of the medical treatment.

How to determine your case value:

The first step towards finding out how much your personal injury claim is finding out about the Maryland motor insurance coverage. This is used to find out how much insurance does the at-fault individual have since if the at-fault individual does not have enough insurance coverage, then the victim will most likely have to rely on their own insurance for reimbursement. however, it is mandatory for Maryland drivers under Maryland Auto Insurance Laws to have insurance for accidents along with a minimum liability limit of $60,000 for injuries on 2 or more individuals, $30,000 for injuries for 1 individual $15,000 for property damage.

This means that the largest amount a single individual can get for compensation for personal injury is $30,000, and if there are more than a single injured individual then they can receive $60,000 compensation for personal injuries. Moreover, the next step in finding out the value of your personal injury claim is to find out who is at fault for the accident since the State of Maryland follows a different rule compared to other states and this rule is “contributory negligence” which means if you are even the tiniest bit at fault, then the value of your PI claim is nothing since under this law the at-fault party cannot receive any compensation. However, it is unclear who is at fault then the lawsuit will form to investigate who is at fault. Moreover, depending on the degree of damages in the accident along with the size of the amount being sought in the lawsuit, a Maryland State jury or judge will decide who is responsible.

Damage Caps:

Furthermore, it is important to know that Maryland State applied limits for how much reimbursement an individual can obtain in settlements for a number of classifications. Furthermore, these applied limits are commonly counted from the date of that the accident took place, moreover, there are 2 classifications in these damage caps and they are non-medical and medical and they can affect the value of your personal injury case. These limits are found below:

  • The limit for medical malpractice injuries from the accident is $695,000
  • The limit for non-medical malpractice injuries from the accident is $755,000
  • The limit for medical malpractice that resulted in death with 2 or more receivers is $868,750
  • The limit for non-medical malpractice that resulted in death with 2 or more receivers is $1,132,500

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