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Reckless driving is considered as a criminal offense in the state of Virginia due to is nature of causing potential harm. The charge stays in the driver’s criminal record and jail time is also possible. This state equates reckless driving to driving under the influence. Reckless driving in Virginia traffic laws is taken very seriously and they are one of the harshest traffic laws in the United States of America.

The reason why it has harsh traffic laws is to prevent reckless driving which will lead to safer streets. By ensuring that people abide by these laws the state decided to make reckless driving as a criminal offense which lead to people being afraid of driving recklessly and respect the traffic laws.

In Virginia reckless driving is usually charged as a first class misdemeanor. If the driver is charged with this class, he/she is subjected to heavy fines along with jail time for up to six months. In some cases, depending on the circumstances a felony charge can be given for reckless driving. Such circumstances could include the driver causing serious bodily injury or death of another person. If the driver is charged with reckless driving, he/she should consult an attorney at law to figure out the best choice the driver should choose.

Potential Penalties for Reckless Driving in Virginia:

  1. Fines: A reckless driving ticket in Virginia can reach up to $2500, excluding the court’s fees;
  2. Demerit points: For reckless driving ticket maximum six demerit points are assessed to the driver’s license;
  3. Suspension of driving license: The driving license of the reckless driver can be suspended for a maximum period of six months;
  4. Imprisonment: Reckless driving tickets can even lead the driver to imprisonment;
  5. Loss of job: If the driver is charged with imprisonment there are chances that he/she might lose their job due to the jail time;
  6. Hiked insurance premium: Car insurance companies maintain all the records of their customers. So if demerit points are given against the driver’s driving license he/she will be facing an increase in insurance premiums;
  7. Criminal offense record: Having a record of a criminal offense is a serious issue. This offense will be on the driver’s record; and
  8. Dependency on public transport: If the driver’s license is suspended for reckless driving charges he/she will be facing difficulties in their daily life.

In the state of Virginia, a number of actions are mainly considered reckless driving. These are the main reckless driving charges:

  • Driving a vehicle in a manner that places others at risk, regardless of speed;
  • Failing to keep control of a vehicle; and
  • Driving at a speed that is 20 mph over the speed limit, or higher than 80 miles per hour.

Other actions that are usually charged as reckless driving include, passing a stopped school bus and drag racing.

It is strictly advised that the driver does not miss his/her court date. If the driver fails to appear in his/her court date for a reckless driving charge, there may be a bench warrant for his/her arrest. Usually, a judge will issue a bench warrant for failure to appear on a misdemeanor charge. If this happens, an officer may find the driver, arrest him/her, and take him/her to jail. If the driver turns himself/herself in, a judge will set a court date to revisit the original charge that he/she missed their court date for.

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