How To Beat Reckless Driving Ticket Virginia Speeding Fairfax

When a person is caught driving recklessly at a rate exceeding the speed limit then he/she will be given a VA Uniform Summons for reckless driving. Reckless driving by speed in Virginia is defined as driving in excess of 20 miles per hour. Reckless driving can also be considered as driving in excess of 80 miles per hour. The only way the VA Uniform Summons is beaten is by fighting it. This is done by finding an attorney at law that is highly experienced in defending clients who received a VA Uniform Summons for a moving violations and reckless driving cases.

One of several ways to beat a reckless vehicle operating by speed ticket is by proving that the speedometer of the car of the convicted person was broken at the time of the incident. This could be done by allowing a valid mechanic to verify and prove that the speedometer was broken. The mechanic must be licensed to make sure that the proof is legitimate.

Another way to fight a reckless driving by speed ticket is by proving that the device the official used to know the speed of the convicted person was malfunctioning. This could be done by finding proof that the device hasn’t been checked within six months from the day of the event. The attorney at law can have a way to defend his/her client if the paper that proves that the device was checked isn’t the original copy or if the person who performed the check for the device wasn’t licensed.

A different way to defend against vehicle operating by speed ticket is if the official who issued the ticket mistakes the location the offense occurred. This may lead to the complete dismissal of the case. This case usually occurs when the offense is issued in a place between two cities or countries which leads to the confusion of the officer later on if he/she didn’t take note of the location at the moment the incident occurred.

There are rare cases where the place a person drove recklessly was a private road to which an officer cannot issue a ticket for. This may occur if the road is not state-owned or if it is yet not registered as one at the time of the event.

In some usual cases, the official charges the person depending on his/her vehicle operating license yet forgets the identity later on meaning that the officer does not have proof for the offense of the owner of the vehicle.

In other unusual cases, the person can defend against a reckless speeding ticket by stating that the speed limit given on road signs aren’t supposed to be the certain number given on the sign due to the road being of a certain zone.

A person can beat a reckless driving by speed ticket in several ways. These include proving that the vehicle’s speedometer was malfunctioning or proving that the device used by the officer was either inaccurate or not standardized within the last six months.

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