How To File For Custody In Maryland Montgomery Lawyer

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Parents are preferably required to know about child custody matters when filing for divorce, in the case where they have under age children. When filing a petition for child custody, it is recommended that the parent go to the court’s clerk for help with his or her child custody case. A clerk may clarify issues that a parent might have concerning his or her child custody case, including the rules and regulations regarding a child custody case. The parent might be required to spend a fairly good amount of time in the courthouse as there are several forms that are to be filled for a child custody case and it is best if the parents are familiar with the process of their child custody case.

The parent is obligated to fill a number of forms regarding child custody, the parent can go to a court in the state of Maryland and obtain the required forms or visit the court’s website to print out the required forms for the custody case. The required documents by the court of Maryland are some of the following, birth certificate of the child, the parent’s identification, the parent’s contact information, and the contact information of the child’s other parent.

After all the needed forms, by the court of Maryland, are filled with the necessary information regarding both the parent and the child. The parent then files the forms with the clerk of the court of Maryland and a specific fee is paid for the filing of the petition. The parent is able to know the amount of fee that is to be paid before hand by consulting a clerk of the court of Maryland.

The clerk of the court will provide to the parents with an index number that will be the parent’s case ID. The ID can be brought to use when a parent wants to be updated on the status of his or her child custody case.

Nevertheless, courts of Maryland always requires that the other parent be notified of the child custody case that is to be filed, which is the service of the process. The parent is required to send a copy of the petition forms of the child case regarding their child, to the other parent, even if the parent is residing out of state. Only after the court has heard from the other parent that a court hearing regarding the child custody case can be scheduled, otherwise the schedule of the hearing will be postponed until the court hears from the other parent.

However, the court of the state of Maryland always suggests that the parent filing for child custody seeks assistance and help from an experienced lawyer. The lawyer can be helpful with guiding the parent through the procedures and regulations of the system of a court of Maryland and the parent may be able to file the petition at an earlier time due to being familiar with the guidelines of the court and its procedures.

If you need a Maryland child custody lawyer to help you with your child custody case in Maryland, call us at 888-437-7747. Our Maryland child custody attorneys can help you.

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