Is Driving Without a License a Felony in Virginia Fairfax Attorney?

Driving without a license is a serious offense within the state of Virginia yet doesn’t reach the extent to which it could be considered a felony. This offense is punished by either enforcing jail time or paying a fine which can extend to $2500. The length or value of the punishment depends on if the individual is caught for the first time without a valid license or caught for more than one time. Driving without a license is considered as a misdemeanor which could be ranked by class depending on the continuity of convictions. Misdemeanors are offenses which are slightly below a felony in terms of ranking.

When a person is found driving without a license for the first time then he is given a misdemeanor of class two which is not a felony. This punishment states that the person may pay a fine which can extend to a limit of $1000 or be charged by jail time which may last for six months. If this conviction occurs for a second time then the fine can reach $2500 and the jail time can reach one full year.

This punishment is a misdemeanor of class one which comes right below a felony.

A felony by definition is considered to be more serious than a misdemeanor and if driving without a license is a misdemeanor then it’s not to be considered as a felony. Being caught driving without a license and under the influence of alcohol or drugs is also not considered a felony. In this case, the person convicted may lose the privilege to drive in Virginia for a set period of time. If caught for the first offense then the ability to drive in Virginia is suspended for one year. If caught a second time which is within a range of ten years with the first offense then the suspension goes up to three years. If caught three times within a ten-year interval then there will be an unfixed-length suspension.

Caught with a suspended license is also a serious crime yet cannot be considered a felony as it is a misdemeanor. Like the case of operating a vehilce without a license, being caught with a suspended permit is also charged by fines or jail. Driving privileges are reduced as well. If caught three times with a suspended license then the person is enforced to spend at least ten days in jail.

Operating a vehicle sans permit in Virginia is not considered a felony as it is considered one step below which is a ranked misdemeanor. Although it is not a felony, operating a vehicle sans permit is a punishable conviction as it’s considered serious. Punishments range from fines which reach $2500 to a one full year of jail time to a suspension of driving privileges. There are no special cases in the state of Virginia where operating a vehicle sans permit conviction is considered a felony.

All are considered misdemeanors but they differ in class.

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