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Everything you should know about larceny​

Being accused of larceny in VA has the same impact as being convicted for it. A larceny charge can result in actual jail time in VA. It also toughens your chances of being recruited for decent jobs or even obtaining professional licenses in VA. However farfetched it may appear to you, a criminal record has a significant bearing on the way you are looked at and your reputation undergoes severe damage. When you are arraigned for larceny, the reliable assistance of a skilled lawyer is essential to categorically frame a perfect defense for you. If the lawyer you retain is proficient in handling larceny charges in VA, all your doubts will be unequivocally clarified.

A larceny charge in VA can be highly detrimental even if it stands as an unproven allegation. It may seem ludicrous but a mere allegation of larceny can reverse the opinion your family and friends hold about you. It is a popular belief that a simple larceny charge can connect your conduct to words damaging your reputation such as being unreliable or deceitful. Additionally, larceny offenses are viewed as crimes of moral turpitude, which means if you are a noncitizen, a conviction can drastically affect your eligibility for US citizenship. If you are charged with a larceny crime, you should contact the VA lawyer at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C. Our competent lawyer trained by his experience in handling larceny cases will assist you. The adept VA lawyer will work effectively for an applauding defense for your charge.

Is your larceny case in VA bothering you?

Your lawyer in VA will inform you that larceny is identical to theft. From the legal perspective, larceny refers to the unlawful taking of another individuals’ property, without any intent to return the property. Be informed by the lawyer that your decision to handle the case by yourself can leave you bewildered. You will be taken aback when you realize that the process is not as easy as the internet claims it to be. The question of your innocence has no connection with your decision to hire a lawyer. It would be absurd to believe that you can deal with the charge by yourself merely because you are not guilty. Even if the charges were falsely framed, you require a VA lawyer’s assistance to figure out the consequences of the charges you are facing and what defenses are applicable to the charge. Be warned by a lawyer that a larceny charge in VA can bring grave consequences if it is not appropriately handled.

Petit and Grand Larceny

If you are charged with petit larceny in VA, a skilled lawyer’s assistance can change the direction of the case. A lawyer in VA with exceptional experience can easily find the appropriate defenses applicable to the case and obtain a favorable order.

VA petit larceny involves the theft of low-value money or goods. Petit larceny is charged

  • When the worth of the property taken is less than $200 if taken from a place or less than $5 if taken from a person.
  • It is a Class 1 misdemeanor in VA.
  • The offense is punishable by 12 months in jail and $2,500 in fines.

Be apprised that the criminal lawyer in VA at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. can devise brilliant defenses that are suitable to the facts of the case. Approaching our skilled lawyer can enlighten you with numerous options to fight the charge in VA.

Know from your lawyer that grand larceny in VA is charged when the value of the property is $200 or more if taken from a place or $5 or more if taken from an individual. Also, theft of a gun or other firearm is grand larceny in VA. Grand larceny is usually a felony, punishable by one to 20 years in prison. Although in certain cases, the VA court can reduce the sentence to 12 months in jail and $2,500 in fines. A larceny lawyer’s main concern in any criminal case is to get the charges completely dismissed to avoid jail time or criminal record. However, if you were caught red-handed and charged for larceny, the possibility of a strong defense is weakened. A richly experienced lawyer can find a defense in any larceny case. Retaining such a proficient lawyer can affirmatively change the result of the case.

Larceny of Animals, Poultry and Financial Instrument

Your lawyer will inform you that the VA code breaks up animal theft into two different categories:

  • It is considered a Class 5 felony to lift a dog, horse, pony, mule, cow, steer, bull, or calf of any value. The likely sentence includes one to 10 years in VA prison and $2,500 as fine.
  • It is a Class 6 felony to lift poultry, sheep, lamb, swine, or goat with a value of less than $200. Your lawyer will tell you that the punishment in VA can include one to five years in prison and $2,500 in fines.

If you are charged with felony larceny, be quick to consult a VA lawyer for an update of the practical implications. Clients who approach the VA lawyer at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. are often not aware of the practical effects of larceny. Our VA lawyer elucidates the client about the penalties of larceny and updates them about how the process actually works.

Your skilled lawyer in VA dealing with larceny will inform you that it can be categorized into the following:

  • Larceny of banknotes and checks
  • Other writings or papers of value
  • Monies or the goods due or to be delivered

Whatever may be the form of larceny, contacting a lawyer at The Law Offices Of SRIS.PC. can give you the required leverage to proceed confidently with the larceny charge. Guidance from a lawyer with sufficient familiarity in VA larceny law is required. Your lawyer will inform that the failure to take expert opinion can result in high penalties in VA.

Is Shoplifting a Serious Offense?

This charge is a type of larceny in VA. Shoplifting an item of value $200 or more is grand larceny and so it’s a felony. Shoplifting an item of value less than $200 is petit larceny and it is a misdemeanor. Your lawyer will apprise you that if you commit the offense for the first time, you may be punished with fine only but second and third offenses are considered serious offenses. A second offense could result in six months’ jail time, and a third offense regardless of the value of the stolen item is a felony. To understand more about shoplifting conviction, do contact our efficient lawyer. Contact an accomplished VA lawyer to defend your shoplifting case.

Shoplifting may be considered as the mere act of taking something and walking out of the store. VA Code delineates quite a lot of alternative types of shoplifting:

  • Conceal item or the merchandise
  • Possession of goods or the merchandise
  • Switching price tags
  • Shifting items/merchandise from one packaging to another
  • Assist someone else who does one of the acts quoted above

Your lawyer will inform you that some of the common shoplifting acts in VA are hiding items/merchandise in a shopping bag or under your garments, taking something off the shelf stealthily, swapping the price tags of the shop items, or the merchandise, and exchanging the packaging of a product.

Your lawyer will inform you that the value of the item and your prior record will determine the seriousness of your offense in VA. Although shoplifting is a form of larceny, shoplifting has its own laws. Regardless of the case, an exceptional lawyer with the tactic defense in shoplifting can ensure acquittal in VA.

Approaching the local larceny lawyer for support is advisable

For a shoplifting case, first offender or diversion programs may be applicable. Be cautious, not every court has a line up like this. In order to ascertain the flexible rules of the local courts, a lawyer who is familiar with the local procedure should be hired. The lawyer you hire for larceny/shoplifting should have sufficient experience in dealing with your case.
A qualified lawyer with suitable expertise in shoplifting defenses can work miracles for the case. Do contact the defense lawyer from the law offices of SRIS.PC to fight the charge.

Obtaining dismissal of larceny and shoplifting in VA

The fundamental goal of the lawyer you retain for the larceny or shoplifting charge in VA is to obtain an acquittal. For obtaining an acquittal, the lawyer bases his defense on two approaches:

  • The first approach is battling the charge in court to demonstrate that the client was never involved with the said act
  • The next suitable approach is researching for any first offender exception program and use the program to reduce the sentence term for the offense

A VA lawyer with extensive knowledge in larceny would discuss about what evidence is present against the client, and whether the prosecution can demonstrate the offense. The VA lawyer you hire for the charge also ascertains whether the client is eligible for applying for the first offender diversion program. A proficient lawyer in VA can provide you suitable guidance about the applicability of the first offender program to the case.

First offender exemptions

Your lawyer will inform you that for larceny misdemeanors, VA proffers a first offender shoplifting program that could let you get remove your charge. Our VA defense lawyer will assist you to resolve the case through a shoplifting program or some sort of other agreement tailored out with the prosecutor to protect your interests.

A first offender shoplifting program will not result in a criminal conviction if you abide by the conditions and state of affairs. The necessities are that you fulfill 50 hours of social work, focus on a shoplifting prevention class, and be of general good conduct for 6 months. At the closing stages of that period, the shoplifting case will be dismissed.

Be cautious that the first offender program cannot be universally applicable to all individuals accused of shoplifting in VA. A skilled and highly competent criminal defense VA lawyer solves the complexities arising out of your larceny charge.

Defenses of a VA lawyer in shoplifting and larceny

At times people walk out of a store with items or merchandise they had forgotten to pay, solely by accident. It is common knowledge that the indictment arises from the innocent placement of an item or merchandise somewhere in a shopping basket intending to pay for the item. Whatever may be the ground, when an individual unintentionally fails to remember to pay for the item, the store in VA indicts an individual of deliberately hiding or mask the item or merchandise with the intent to steal it. Whatsoever the case may be, a charge of shoplifting in VA, whether petit larceny or grand larceny ought to be taken gravely and defended assertively. A skilled VA lawyer with expertise in shoplifting defenses would guide you on the right path to overcome the indictment.

The chief factor in such cases is your intent; if you had no intent, the case is fit for dismissal. If your charge was that you had purposely misused the price tags on the items or you intentionally obscured merchandise with the intent to take away or deceive, then it is a clear case for the VA prosecutor. There is room for uncertainty if the concealment was accidental or a mistake; in these circumstances, the prosecution cannot strengthen their case. VA lawyer familiar with cases such as yours can look at the facts and illustrate to you the specifics that are in your favor and can help you attain a dismissal. It is also probable that, if you are facing grand larceny charges in VA, a plain challenge by a skilled lawyer of the value of the merchandise could get the charges abridged to a misdemeanor from a felony and can considerably trim down the penalties you are facing.

What is regarded as valid proof in shoplifting?

In VA, if you’re indicted for a misdemeanor the police need to show diverse things in an array to arrest you for a case of shoplifting. They ought to demonstrate that a misdemeanor was committed in their presence, then they can arrest you on the speck without a warning. A proficient lawyer who has an eye for a minute detail will guide you with a winning defense in shoplifting.

In VA shoplifting, the police officer will be called to a store by the store’s loss prevention officer. They will confer with loss prevention and see what substantiation there is against you for the case, and if the loss prevention officer can bear out that they saw you shoplift, and then the officer will write out a summons for shoplifting in VA. For any clarifications with your summons contact a skilled lawyer who is familiar with defending larceny and shoplifting in VA. A qualified lawyer with knowledge in larceny who knows the nuances of your case could release you from all troubles.

Testimony in shoplifting cases in VA

The loss prevention officials testify that they were monitoring the camera and saw you shoplift or they state that they were following you through the store and saw you put something in your bag that you never paid for. Larceny/shoplifting charges are very serious, and you certainly don’t want to have that conviction on your record which can be cleared up with the help of a lawyer. Intent to commit the crime can be refuted by a persuasive VA defense lawyer. This offense is grave and can also negatively impact your immigration status.

Can VA Larceny affect your immigration status?

If you are not a US citizen you have a valid reason to be scared of the theft charge. A skilled VA lawyer will warn you of the immigration consequences that can arise out of a seemingly petty offense like larceny. A simple larceny offense in VA may be considered as a crime involving moral turpitude due to the intention to deprive the owner of his property. Thus, even a simple larceny offense can lead to your removal or deportation. If you want to avoid such consequences it is always better to consult a proficient lawyer before approaching the larceny offense in VA. Understanding the adverse impact on your immigration status, your lawyer will take all efforts to obtain a dismissal of the larceny charge.

Do we need long term solutions to reduce larceny related offenses?

Your lawyer will inform you that petit larceny can bring unforeseen and destructive consequences. Regardless of what many might presume, the drive to shoplift is not all times to accomplish material greed; but financial troubles and other life hindrance can lead to imperative situations. It’s important to take into consideration people’s circumstances and come up with not just convictions and punishments, but long-term solutions that help people get back on their feet and reduce recidivism. There is a dire need to propose ways and means for creating awareness about how monetary progress can be ethically achieved. Your lawyer will apprise you that a theft charge can get you directly entangled with legal problems. On being charged, it is always advisable to contact a VA lawyer at the earliest.

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