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Prostitution is the performance of a sexual act, sexual interaction, or sexual intercourse for money. Also related to prostitution, is a solicitation, which is the making of any kind of appointment or agreement regarding prostitution. In the state of Maryland, all prostitution-related doings are categorized together under the same statute and such crimes are illegal in the state.

In Maryland, all of the following acts are prohibited and are considered as crimes related to prostitution, solicitation, and pimping:

  1. Human trafficking:
    • The persuasion of a person to be taken to place of prostitution.
    • Taking or employing a person for prostitution.
    • Being paid to bring people to a place of prostitution.
    • The Threatening of a person to make him or her accept to be taken to a prostitution place and engage into prostitution acts.
    • Destroying or seizing passports or legal documents of a person due to prostitution acts.
    • The consent of parents or guardians for their child to be taken for prostitution.
    • The usage of force or physical harm to obligate someone to get married or to perform a sexual act or sexual intercourse.
    • Receiving any kind of payments as a result of human trafficking is thought of as the same crime as the person who committed the acts.
    • The assistance of human trafficking or scheming human trafficking is a crime just as the committed acts.
  2. Place of prostitution:
    • Deliberately engaging in prostitution acts.
    • Assignation, making an appointment or agreement for any prostitution acts.
    • Operating a place of prostitution.
    • Allowing someone into a place knowing it’s for the purpose of prostitution.
    • Hiring a prostitute.
  3. Earning benefits from acts of prostitution, the intent of supporting a prostitution business, or concealing profits from prostitution acts.
  4. Hiring or persuading a child in Maryland under the age of 16 for prostitution, or providing an under 16-year-old of age child in the prostitution field, a shelter.
  5. Selling or exchanging an underage child for money, or anything of value.

A person committing any of the mentioned above crimes may face jail time or/and may be obligated to pay a fine.

Every specific crime has its own distinct penalty in Maryland, which of these include:

    • Having or operating the business of prostitution or assignation is an offense act resulting to up to one year in jail and a fine up to $500.
    • Selling or exchanging an underage child is an offence act with a sentence of five years at most in jail and a fine of almost $10,000 for each crime.
    • Receiving payments in result of a prostitution acts can earn someone jail time for up to ten years and a fine of $10,000.
    • Kidnapping or persuading a child under the age of 16 in Maryland, for prostitution purposes, can be punished by jail time up to 25 years, along with a fine of nearly $5,000.
    • Common human trafficking offenses are awarded to up to ten years prison time, as well as a fine of $5,000. However, if the victims are minors or are being forced to marry or perform sexual acts, the person can go to prison for up to 25 years and forced to pay a fine of roughly $15,000.

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