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Stalking is normally defined as the inspection that is performed by a person or a group of people, towards another individual. Examples include following a person, anonymously contacting them by any means, showing up at their daily visited places such as work or cafes, leaving any objects for them to find afterwards such as letters, which sometimes may seem harassing, or even vandalizing their property. The act of stalking is recognized as the unwanted monitoring that proceeds until the stalker is brought to their ends. This is done by requesting them to stop, or pressing charges if objected. Stalking, or state laws in general, often vary depending on what state you live in. Fortunately and only for the citizens’ sake, the state of Maryland has designed laws to protect its’ people from stalkers.

Misbehavior such as harassment and stalking are seriously handled and carefully analyzed in Maryland. Varying from one case to another, both stalking and harassment acts carry dense penalties such as fines that range from 300.00 dollars to 5,000.00 dollars. Further on, imprisonment terms ranging from two months to five years may also be sentenced. This duration depends on how severe the alleged crime was, as well as its’ nature.

The consequences of stalking all rise as a result of continuous fear, doubt and discomfort no matter where the stalked individual is located. Fear of getting attacked or injured, exposed, assaulted, raped, kidnapped or killed cannot be disguised.

Harassment and stalking Laws,

In Maryland, Harassment and stalking are handled very differently from crimes that include extortion or the act of threatening others, even though both cases may sound fairly unpredictable and dangerous. In Maryland, stalking and harassment are notified as criminal offenses. Any crimes that are somehow connected to the disruption of privacy are covered by similar penalties. A strong defense can practically be built if a professional attorney was involved.

On the other hand, it is fair to state that harassment may sometimes take action, by means of stalking. Its is the malicious engagement of repeated behavior that may sometimes seriously and deeply annoy others. However, an exception is if you were engaging peaceful activity only with the intention of serving knowledge to others, or expressing your own political view on any matter. In this case, you are fortunate enough to know that you cannot be charged with harassment.

Another action that can be lead by the intention of stalking another individual, is the misuse of communication facilities, including telephones. This is considered a crime in Maryland and is handled with caution. If you have experienced any anonymous calls, with the purpose of any torment action, embarrassment, harassment or abuse you can easily press charges against the caller, if preferred. The misuse of telephones in Maryland subject to misdemeanor penalties, such as jail terms that often never exceed a sentence of three years, as well as fines that never surpass 500.00 dollars. With the guidance of a Maryland stalking lawyer, you’ll have the best possible chance of receiving the most favorable outcome possible on the day of your trial.

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