Matthew Greene: CPS | Criminal | Family Law

Matthew Greene: CPS | Criminal | Family Law

Need an attorney who’s not just experienced, but exceptionally skilled and dedicated? Meet Matthew Greene, a standout legal luminary in criminal defense and domestic relations law. A proud graduate of the Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law, Matthew started turning heads in the legal community since 1994 with his tenacious advocacy and brilliant litigation.

Holding a license to practice before federal, state, and local courts across Virginia and the District of Columbia, Matthew isn’t just an attorney; he’s a pillar of the legal community. His diverse expertise and unwavering commitment to protecting clients’ rights make him the legal ally you need when stakes are high.

Whether you’re facing serious felony charges such as murder, assault, sexual assault, or fraud, Matthew’s got your back. He hasn’t just worked in these areas; he’s carved out a niche for himself, earning a reputation for delivering exceptional legal counsel and securing positive results for his clients. Before 2021’s abolishment of capital punishment, Matthew proudly held certification as a death penalty defense attorney, further underlining his dedication to quality representation. His vast experience in criminal defense also includes successfully challenging expert testimonies and opinions from medical professionals, DNA scientists, and data analysts in GPS tracking and cell tower location and tracking.

But Matthew’s legal prowess isn’t confined to criminal defense. For 14 years, he’s represented social workers in abuse and neglect cases as a contract attorney for the City of Alexandria. His in-depth knowledge of child protective service (CPS) cases, coupled with his representation skills, make him a force to reckon with in this arena. If you’re grappling with a CPS case, Matthew is ready to leverage his vast experience and unique approach to help you navigate the complexities.

Matthew doesn’t just represent parents and children in foster care cases, parents in child protective order cases, and parents in child in need of services/supervision cases; he does so with a dedication and empathy that consistently serve his clients favorably. His broad experience also encompasses Child Protective Services administrative cases, including family assessments and investigations.

Matthew Greene is more than an attorney; he’s a 25-year veteran showcasing unwavering professionalism, deep integrity, and a profound understanding of the law. His tenacity, mixed with a compassionate approach to client representation, has secured him the trust and respect of peers and clients alike. When you choose Matthew Greene, you’re not just hiring an attorney; you’re investing in a formidable legal champion who will fight for you every step of the way.

Matthew Greene: CPS | Criminal | Family Law

Matthew Greene Educational Background Includes:

Catholic University of America

Columbus School of Law – JD – 1994


30 Years