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In Maryland, sexual offenses can be categorized into four degrees with different punishments for each of them. They include an online activity like child sexual abuse material, or more commonly known as child pornography. As the value of the degree increases, the severity of the punishment itself decreases; i.e. third-degree sex offense is more severe with its punishment than a fourth-degree sexual offense. Sex offense differs from rape as no sexual intercourse takes place in any of the four degrees. In contrast to sex offense, rape has only two degrees instead of four.

A third-degree sex offense is engaging sexual contact (touching any of the victim’s private parts for pleasure or abuse) without consent of the victim, while using a weapon, injuring the victim, using help of someone else or the victim is mentally incapable (under the effect of alcohol or drugs, or suffering of any other mental disability). The victim may also be under 14 years old and the aggressor being at least four years older.

The punishment for a third-degree sex offense in Maryland is a felony with a maximum sentence of ten years in jail.

If you are accused of any sex crime in Maryland, it is your right to speak to a criminal defense lawyer. A Maryland sex crime attorney can reduce the charges. If you were wrongly accused of a sex crime you haven’t committed, a good attorney may also help you to prove your innocence. However, DNA evidence is of great importance in sex offense cases. DNA evidence may support the accusations of a victim or may show that the person accused is innocent and has nothing to do with the sex offense. A psychologist play an important role in a case like this, usually with young accusers that may not tell the truth as a result of being mad at a relative. Physical evidence is really important to show that the victim has been injured by a sex offender.

Unlike third-degree sex offense, first degree has a much harsher punishment of over 25 years in prison. A person may be charged with first degree sex offense if the victim is under 13 years old with the perpetrator being older than 18 years.

Second degree may seem similar to third degree , but a second degree sexual offense charge in Maryland means that the perpetrator will be charged with a felony, as well as a maximum of 20 years in prison. However, fourth-degree is much less severe than third degree. It usually happens in a primary or secondary school, when a figure of authority (for example a teacher) is involved in a sexual act with a minor. Individuals accused of fourth-degree sexual offense in Maryland can face up to a year of jail time and a fine of 1000 dollars. If the same individual is accused for a second time, he or she will spend a longer period in jail (about three years). In any of these cases, it is important to contact a lawyer to advise you and to explain you your rights.

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