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Maryland has very strict laws about sexual offense. In this state, sex offense is divided into four groups (first, second, third and fourth degree sexual offense) and each group has its own punishment. As the degree value is increased, the penalty becomes less severe (first degree is the most severe and fourth degree is the least). Sex offense has two more degrees than rape, and it doesn’t involve sexual intercourse, unlike rape. These crimes are very difficult to deal with in Maryland, and proof of sexual offense is difficult to find.

A fourth degree sexual offense occurs mainly in schools (primary and secondary), and consists of sexual conduct between a higher authority figure and a minor. It also may happen workplaces or if the underage victim is at least four years younger than the perpetrator. Commonly, fourth degree sexual offense is a misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a fine of 1000 dollars.

However, if the perpetrator has committed a sex crime in the past, punishment is increased to a three year imprisonment and a 1000 dollar fine.

It is advisable to contact an experienced lawyer if you are accused of a sex offense in Maryland. It is your right as a citizen to talk to and get advice from a criminal defense lawyer. An attorney can help you reduce penalty charges. A lawyer may also help an individual that was falsely accused of sexual offense by proving his or her innocence. The DNA found on the setting of the sexual offense will be used to know if the accused person in innocent or guilty of a sex crime. Physical damage on the victim’s body will also be used as evidence for the case. A psychologist will determine if the victim is lying or telling the truth. Sometimes young accusers lie because they might be mad at their parents.

Fourth degree differs from first degree in some ways. The main difference is noted in the punishment severity. While the penalty for fourth degree sexual offense is just one year and a 1000 dollar fine, first degree sexual crime has a punishment of 25 years or more of imprisonment for the accused.

Second degree also differs from fourth degree regarding jail time. Being accused second degree sexual offense in Maryland could mean up to 20 years of jail. To be accused of this felony, force must be used on an unconscious or mentally disabled victim. Third degree sex offense in Maryland, however, has a penalty of ten years of maximum jail time.

To successfully obtain a warrant, indictment or any information about an accusation of a sexual crime, the following information has to be stated on the documentation:

  • Name of the defendant;
  • Date of the incident;
  • Location where the crime took place;
  • Victim’s name; and
  • Description of what happened.

In conclusion, it is important to hire a lawyer to help you in your case, whether you are a victim or aggressor. If you are a victim, a lawyer will fight for your justice and will help you to receive compensation. If you are a sexual offender in Maryland, it is advisable to contact an attorney to help you reduce your punishment.

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